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Air Conditioner Condenser Problems Can Affect Your Home's Comfort

Air Conditioner Condenser Problems Can Affect Your Home's Comfort

If you have central air, you have probably noticed that part of your cooling system is located outside. The outside component is the air conditioner condenser, and it is responsible for creating the condensation that your A/C uses to release heat from inside your house into the outdoors. In the hot Buckhead summers, this is an important function. Sometimes, however, the condenser can develop problems that make it run less efficiently and put a strain on your wallet.


Because of its location outside your home, the air conditioner condenser can suffer damage or clogging from debris that gets inside. Whether you kicked up a stick or some gravel while mowing the lawn or leaves were sucked into the unit after a storm, any foreign object inside the condenser can cause damage. The condenser unit houses a motor and a fan. If blocked or damaged by debris, they may not function as efficiently as they should. This means that the condenser will use more electricity and put a greater amount of wear and tear on its components. Clear the area around your condenser on a regular basis. This will make damage from debris less likely.

Refrigerant Leaks

Another problem that can occur with your condenser is a leak in the refrigerant. The condenser controls the flow of the liquid refrigerant between the inside and outside components of your A/C. This circulation is what removes the heat from inside your home, releases it to the outside and, in doing so, reduces the indoor temperature. If a leak develops somewhere in the system, the condenser will work harder, but your house will not cool down as well as it should.

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems can also occur in your air conditioner condenser. A short circuit, a blown capacitor or a wire that has been chewed on by any of the wonderful little creatures that live outside with your condenser can cause the unit to not even switch on. If the condenser is not on, your house is not being cooled.

Troubleshooting cooling problems is not always easy. Call the HVAC pros at Casteel for an evaluation of your air conditioning system. Making sure that your A/C is in good working order will not only keep your home comfortable, it will also save electricity and money.​