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Don't Let Broken Appliances Break the Bank

Don't Let Broken Appliances Break the Bank

Household appliances account for a large portion of your energy bill. If they are malfunctioning or failing, some appliances can draw even more power or waste energy due to inefficient operation. Here are a few to look out for if you suspect broken appliances may be driving up your electric bill and putting a dent in your wallet.


Among appliances, your refrigerator is one of your home’s biggest consumers of electricity. If something is causing your fridge to cool less efficiently, it is going to draw even more power and put a strain on your bank account. Check for faulty gaskets around the door. If the doors to your fridge or freezer are not sealing properly, cool air is escaping. The thermostat will keep the compressor motor running to try to keep the inside of the refrigerator at the temperature to which it is set. A problem with the compressor itself - the fridge component that works to cool the appliance’s interior - can also lead to greater energy consumption.


Your clothes dryer is another big consumer of energy. Whether gas or electric, if a dryer has to work harder to do its job, it’s going to use more of its energy source and cost you more money. Among problems with broken appliances, a dryer is one of the bigger energy wasters. Check the vents for blockage. If you have to run the dryer longer to get your clothes dry, there may also be a problem with the heating elements in the dryer, which in turn, use more power as the dryer tries to reach its temperature settings.

Washing Machine

Another appliance than can cause trouble if it’s not operating at its most efficient is your washer. A broken washer - one that runs longer, doesn’t stop running or doesn’t drain properly, for example - can result in larger water and electricity bills. A malfunctioning washer may mean you have to do more loads of laundry to get your clothes clean. This is a waste of water and electricity.

Broken appliances can cost you. If you think your appliances are failing or have seen an unusual uptick in you electrical consumption, call an electrician, like the pros at Casteel, for an inspection. In many cases, a replacement appliance will pay for itself - in the form of energy savings - over the course of several months.