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Leak Detection: Dye Gets the Job Done

Leak Detection: Dye Gets the Job Done

Do you have a nagging sense that the plumbing in your Buford home is leaky? Leak detection is easy, if you know what to do. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to locate the leak, either, but you’ll want an expert on hand to use the proper repair technique to put a stop to lost water.

Not only do leaks in the toilet or plumbing pipes mean gallons of wasted water that cause utility bills to soar, but an undetected leak can also lead to damage throughout your home. Here’s an effective, low-cost way to put a stop to leaks: Use leak detection dye.

What Is Leak Detection Dye?

You can purchase a tablet of dye to help detect a leak at a plumbing supply store, or your local plumber should have access to one. Manufacturers create brightly colored tablets that are easy to spot in both well-lit and dark places. The tablets are similar to the drops of food coloring you can use to change the color of foods. Once you place the tablet into a sink or toilet, if there’s a leak, the colored water will penetrate through, helping to identify if and where a leak is occurring.

Should You Use the Dye?

The dyes are generally safe to use with household plumbing, as the colored water will safely move through the plumbing system’s wastewater drain.

Got a Leaky Toilet?

Once the tablet is in the toilet tank, it colors the water blue/red/etc. After 15 or more minutes, if the color makes its way into the toilet bowl and no one has flushed, you will know there’s a leak. Usually, this means that the flapper is faulty or the flush valve isn’t working properly. Instead of creating a tight seal to prevent water from leaking into the bowl, water passes through. This usually means the toilet will run near continuously, which is costly and a nuisance.

Got Leaky Plumbing?

You’ll need a professional to help with the repair. Often, plumbers use fluorescent dyes or UV lights to pinpoint precisely where leaks occur in the plumbing pipes, so that repairs are precise and targeted.

If you suspect your toilet or plumbing leaks, dye is a good detective tool to use. For more information or to hire a reputable plumber, just call Casteel today!