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Navigating an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Navigating an Electrical Panel Upgrade

The electrical panel in your home is out of sight, out of mind. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider updating it. Over time, the electrical panel can wear out and become dangerous. Upgrading the panel ensures your family’s safety, drives convenience and increases the value of your home.

Why Update?

An outdated electrical system can be a huge inconvenience. Not having enough power is problematic when you’re trying to operate appliances and other equipment. Even worse, if your panel regularly doesn’t deliver enough voltage, it can damage the electronics throughout your home.

Having enough electrical power is also important for your safety. If you routinely rely on power strips and extension cords to supply your power needs, your home lacks enough juice to ensure safety. Adding onto your electrical system can mean having enough power to bypass relying on unsafe extensions as much as possible.

If you’re adding onto your home, an electrical update is a must. In many cases, the existing panel can’t supply the power needs to additional rooms, so increasing the capacity of your panel is critical. When it comes time to sell your home, a beefed up, safe electrical system is a strong selling point with buyers.

When Should You Update the Panel?

Updating the electrical system in your home often requires accessing the wiring inside walls and under floors. In these cases, the best time to make any updates to the panel is when you’re already planning on remodeling areas in your home. That way, when you’re replacing sheetrock or installing a new vanity, opening up the walls won’t create a mess in isolation.

Consider investing in a more powerful, safer electrical system. For expert advice or installation, contact the friendly professionals at Casteel today! We’re happy to help you with furnace installations, electrical upgrades, and plumbing inspections.