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The Magic of Ductless Cooling!

The Magic of Ductless Cooling!

Innovative technologies aren’t reserved solely for electric cars, smartphone apps and Google Glass. In Marietta, savvy homeowners are turning to ductless air conditioners, a greener, more efficient, innovative cooling technology. Learn whether a ductless system is right for your home and how you can benefit from investing in it.

What Is Ductless Cooling?

Simply put, a ductless cooling system is an air conditioner without the ductwork. You’re probably familiar with the large, round, winding tubes that snake throughout the underbelly of many homes, faithfully delivering cooled (and heated) air to a home’s living spaces. Well, a ductless system does that same thing, except instead of the system being installed in a central location, it is installed directly into the room that you want to cool. You can choose to install multiple ductless units throughout your home and connect them to a central outdoor unit (or condenser/compressor). Each unit inside the home houses the evaporator and delivers cooled air.

What Are Its Benefits?

One of the primary benefits of ductless air conditioners stems from their ability to operate without ducts. Ductwork is notoriously leaky and inefficient. In fact, according to the ACHR NEWS, ductwork is prone to leak as much as 30-40 percent in the average home. That’s a lot of wasted energy. Because a ductless unit bypasses ductwork, it’s automatically more efficient than a standard A/C that depends on ducts.

But there are even more benefits:

  • Size: Instead of one bulky unit generating cooled air, ductless systems are compact. Often installed high on a wall, the ductless units are sleek and blend nearly seamlessly within the room.
  • Zoned: Connect the indoor units to a single outdoor unit through a zoning system, and you can turn each unit on and off at will - without affecting the temperature in the other rooms. As a result, you can control your comfort level.
  • More energy savings: With the ability to turn some units off and leave some units on, you can save more on energy costs. Simply keep the units running in the rooms where you’re spending time, and turn the units off in unoccupied rooms.

The experts at Casteel are here to help you find innovative ways to cool and heat your homes. For more information about ductless cooling, just give us a call today!