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Weathering the Storms & Preventing and Identifying Storm Damage

Weathering the Storms & Preventing and Identifying Storm Damage

Lightning strikes, rain pours flooding the streets, sleet and hail come down and winds blow... this is all too familiar of a story for the stormy seasons. You hear the weather alert on the local news and radio stations, and start forming a plan of action. Are you prepared? Maybe the storms have already hit and you appear to have made it unscathed. Or did you....

Severe weather can wreak havoc not only on your home but also on your HVAC system, and leave long lasting effects that can damage your equipment. If not taken care of immediately, this can pose a hazardous situation. Air conditioning and heating units are especially susceptible to storm damage. Since part of the equipment is located outside, it is exposed to the effects of severe weather during every weather event.

Lightning Strikes & Power Surges:

In this day and age, our whole lives are dependent on electricity. We use electricity to power our computers, appliances, TV's, hair dryers, garage door openers and even our HVAC units. If you didn't prepare in advance, power surges that occur during storms can disable your whole home.Whole home surge protection is vital in preventing your appliances from becoming useless during a power surge.

Power surges can occur from lightning strikes, downed utility lines and even your in home appliances. A common misconception is that the lightning must strike your home directly in order to for your electronics to be affected. This is false. Lightning striking the ground, trees, or even utility poles near your home can all cause a power surge potentially costing you thousands of dollars. Call Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical today and schedule your electrical inspection for JUST $39 BUCKS

Hail Damage:

When a hail storm comes through, your roof and siding are not the only things that take a pounding. Your HVAC unit also may be damaged and if not rectified, can affect the functioning and efficiency of your system in the future. Having your HVAC system evaluated post storm is important to assure that you won't be hit with unexpected costly repairs.
The condenser coil on your AC unit is essential to the heating and cooling of the air that is pumped into your home, and very often this coil is what takes the bulk of the damage after a hail storm. If enough of the coil is blocked, and the fan cannot pull enough air through the fins, the condenser will not function efficiently.
When a condenser unit is damaged by hail, it can often be restored to its pre-loss condition by “combing” the fins with a special tool. Severe damage may result in replacing the outdoor unit. Don't disregard possible electrical damage as well. Hail can hit, loosen or damage the electrical connections to the unit. Fortunately at Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical our technicians are trained to evaluate your system for weather destruction and offer you options to assure you stay cool and comfortable. By calling Casteel today to schedule your appointment, a trained Service Technician will inspect your HVAC to assure that you are left with only exceptional comfort and without the damage. Call (770) 766-1657 today!

Water & Wind Damage:

When storms strike, the last thing a homeowner is thinking about is shielding their outdoor AC unit from flying debris or excess water. In fact, this type of damage is some of the most prevalent storm damage in the United States.
With high winds, often times flying leaves, branches, debris and even chairs or toys can strike your outdoor condenser unit causing significant damage. The winds can also loosen wires and connections from the home to your unit posing a hazard. When strong rains and floods affect your home, this too is a threat to the proper functioning of you system. Although the condenser unit is meant to be outside in the elements, it is not meant to be abused or flooded with water.
There are a number of ways that you as a homeowner can prepare for coming storms. Raising your unit can help prevent water damage and clearing vegetation and loose items from around the unit can help prevent damage from winds. A Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical trained technician can evaluate your system and give you options on preventing future destruction to your outdoor unit. With proper planning you can save on costly repairs from weather events. Have the storms already hit your area? Call Casteel today to make sure that your system has not been affected by the recent storms and pose a hazard to you and your family. Schedule today (770) 766-1657​​​​​​​