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Why Are Some Rooms Hotter Than Others?

Why Are Some Rooms Hotter Than Others?

Do you wake up in the morning, snuggled under your warm blankets fearful of even poking a toe out, only to come home to a stifling hot bedroom in the afternoon? This is one of the many inconsistencies in temperature that cause discomfort to a homeowner.

A "balanced" HVAC system is one that is supplying just the right amount of cooled or heated air to each room throughout your home and maintains an even temperature. It can be quite difficult to balance certain styles of homes such as long ranch plans and 2 story homes. In rooms with east or west facing windows, the temperature can fluctuate, promoting hot or cool spots in your home as well.

There are a number of things that can cause an unbalanced system ranging from simple maintenance issues to more complicated problems such as poorly adjusted fan speeds, improper insulation and even duct leakage. Most often, improperly figured heat loads cause too small or too large of equipment to be installed.

As many reasons there that are the cause of hot spots in your home, there are twice as many solutions to prevent and rectify these problems. The NATE certified Service Technicians at Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical can evaluate your home and present you with options. Whether you end up changing your thermostat, installing dampers to push the air throughout, or having your ducts sealed; you will not be disappointed in your end result. Your temperature fluctuations will be rectified and your HVAC system will be more efficient. Stay comfortable by calling the heating and cooling experts at Casteel today at (770) 766-1657 or schedule an appointment online.