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Why Is My Electric Bill So High When Running the AC?

Why Is My Electric Bill So High When Running the AC?

Like most homeowners, you cringe when the electric bill arrives in the mail thinking it is way too much money spent. The culprit is most likely the biggest consumer of electricity... your HVAC system. Of course everyone would prefer a slightly higher bill to have the comforts of coolness vs. going without. But why is the bill so high and can it be lowered?

There are a vast majority of reasons that your bill may be high; some of which you can control as a homeowner and most that you need a professional for. Let's discuss the tips and tricks of the trade that you can do yourself. First and foremost, any heating and cooling professional will tell you to think about raising your thermostat a degree or two to save energy. Every 3 degrees can save you 10-15% on your cooling costs. Another little trick is having ceiling fans installed by a licensed electrician to help circulate the air. Here's an easy one; close your blinds to prevent the scorching sun rays from warming up your rooms when you're not home. You may see your utility bills drop a tiny bit with these tips, but where you should be most concerned is the big issues that can drastically effect your bill. The ones that require a professional.

First and foremost, it is vital to schedule a preventative maintenance on your HVAC system at least once a year. By having a Casteel professional out to your home, you can help prevent costly utility bills and unexpected break downs during the sizzling months. HVAC maintenance is vital to ensure your home is running at maximum efficiency. You wouldn't skip on oil change on your car... it could increase your mpg or even break down. Your HVAC system works much the same. Schedule online today and watch your energy bills drop. In addition to maintaining your unit, it is important to make sure that you are using your system properly. Meaning, are you setting your thermostat's schedule to run accordingly to yours? Do you have a programmable thermostat? Thermostats now days can be as advanced as computers and give you total control over your HVAC needs. They can even cut your energy use by 20-30%. However, if you don't know how to program them and are not familiar with the proper settings, then you are not able to utilize the money saving options these remote thermostats can offer you. Also, having an old fashioned non programmable thermostat can waste large amounts of energy causing your utility bills to increase drastically. Your system may stay running during the times of day that you don't need it to. Having a professional install, program, and explain how to properly use a thermostat can save you money every hour of every day!

Although there a variety of other reasons that can be listed, the most notable drain on your energy is having an older model air conditioner that may cool your home but is highly inefficient while doing so. Equipment 10 years or older is likely to have much lower SEER ratings than newer models. By just changing out your equipment, you can save hundreds of dollars each year. By calling Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical, you can have your energy bills lowered and beat the heat the simultaneously! Contact us today at (770) 766-1657 or schedule online.