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In Case of a Power Outage & Here are 5 Ways to Pass the Time

In Case of a Power Outage & Here are 5 Ways to Pass the Time

You never know when a power outage will hit your home. It may be a nasty winter storm, the remnants of a hurricane or a grid failure that leaves you without electricity, but there’s no reason for your family to be bummed. Here are five fun ways to entertain yourselves while an electrician or utility provider restores power to your home.

1. Set Up a Home Base

Whether you choose your living room, den or master bedroom, it’s a good idea to set up a home base where your family will gather safely while the electricity is out. Have everyone bring their preferred blankets into the room and set up candles in safe places. The best choice is a room near a bathroom so your youngest will not have to go far in the dark. Obviously, any room with a fireplace is the first choice!

2. Break Out the Board Games

Unless you have plenty of charge left in your smartphones, the family will be without the usual online trappings for a while. Show your kids where apps got their start — in classic board games. “Monopoly” and “Life” are winners with people of all ages, while “Scrabble” will help teens recall “Words with Friends” with a vintage style. These games can be so entertaining, chances are the family will want to revisit board games before the next power outage.

3. Make an Improvised Meal

Once your power disappears, the clock begins ticking on food in the refrigerator. You probably have 12 hours or more for most items, but you might as well start some meal planning when power disappears. Choose the most perishable items (milk, cheese, yogurt) first and leave crackers, bread and fruit for a later meal.

4. Play “Hide and Seek”

There is no setting like a darkened house for a round of the classic “Hide and Seek” game. Unless your children frighten easily, this game will be a surefire hit with the power down. For older kids, consider using the entire home as the playing field, but even a single floor has the potential to be the setting for a memorable game. Create a simple timeout policy in case someone gets scared during the game.

5. Chilling Fireside Tales

Have flashlights ready in case you experience a power outage. Besides giving you the opportunity to check and see if everything is safe with the gas lines, you can use the flashlights to tell chilling “fireside” stories. Even improvised versions can send a shudder through family members in the dark.

If you are having fuses blown regularly, chances are you need a new electrical panel. There is no stopping large disturbances that knock out a home’s power. Along with nonperishable food, candles and flashlights, be prepared with fun activities to pass the time until the lights return.