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The Deadly 5: Never Flush These Items Down the Sink

The Deadly 5: Never Flush These Items Down the Sink

Even homeowners who know how to handle basic plumbing fixes can make mistakes by sending the wrong stuff down toilet and sink drains.

In fact, you may not realize how much damage can come from washing things from everyday life down the drain. In order to avoid a major plumbing headache, never flush these items down the sink.

1. Dental floss

Good dental hygiene involves flossing, brushing and rinsing with mouthwash daily, but dental floss should never go down a sink drain. Since floss is not biodegradable, it can attach to pipes, catch other particles and lead to a huge clog. Floss is an item to avoid flushing down the toilet as well.

2. Cooking grease

Have you ever refrigerated food that had oil left on it? If so, you have probably noticed the way grease solidifies into fat once it cools. The same process happens when you send cooking grease down a sink drain, except the cooling fat serves to block pipes. Hair, food and anything else sent down the drain will stick to this grease, increasing the potential for severe blockage and even pipes bursting. To avoid these disasters, simply let the grease cool and send it out with solid waste.

3. Medications

Unused medications are the sort of thing you should not leave out in the trash. Who knows who might get their hands on these drugs? Still, never flush these items down a sink drain. Even though they dissolve in water and pose little threat to your plumbing, they do pose a threat to everyone drinking water in the Marietta community, including the wildlife. Medication take back programs exist throughout Georgia, and the DEA sponsors events in Atlanta that get prescriptions off the street.

4. Food scraps

There is nothing more biodegradable than food, but some food has a long way to go before it disappears. Take pasta or rice as examples. As you can see during the cooking process, grains expand before they wither away. While they remain thick inside your pipes, they can attract hair and anything else trying to pass through. Next thing you know, you have a clog that needs a professional plumber to fix.

5. Hair

Whether it comes from a hair brush in the bathroom sink or a head into the shower drain, hair is one of the most common things you will find clogging drains in the home. Take the time to deposit stray hairs into the garbage or compost pile to avoid these issues. Screens covering drain holes are the easy and inexpensive solution for shower drains as well as sinks throughout the house.

It may seem like they won’t hurt, but please never flush these items down a sink drain at home. If you forgot and need a hand clearing the pipes, Casteel Plumbing is ready to get your drains back to normal.