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Why is My Heater Not Working? 4 Common Causes for Malfunction

Why is My Heater Not Working? 4 Common Causes for Malfunction

There is nothing worse than discovering your home has no heat in the middle of a cold spell.

Before you call in a professional to diagnose your HVAC system, there are quick checks you can make that may be the source of the malfunction. Here are four common explanations for a heater not working.

Thermostat Trouble

Believe it or not, homeowners often discover the temperature on the thermostat was set too low and thus no heat was being generated. Before making a service call, make sure that your thermostat is set above 68° F. Like any other element of a heating system, the thermostat can become defective over time and read a higher temperature than it is processing.

Gas Line Valve

If you have had family members or workers near your HVAC system, you may want to check and see if the gas line valve is in the correct position. If it is sitting at a 90° angle, there is no gas coming through the system to supply heat. Turn the valve into the “on” position to feel the effects of your heater.

Furnace Switch is Off

Another common reason contractors find a heater not working is when the furnace’s shutoff switch is in the “off” position. According to a report in ABC News, heating technicians often find people switch off the furnace after bringing up holiday decorations. Seeing a “light” switch on when leaving the attic, they have the tendency to turn it off, shutting down a home’s heat supply. Turning it back on allows you to avoid a service call.

General Furnace Problems

While the above fixes are simple for any homeowner, other issues with a heating system are harder to identify. Thumping sounds, rumbling noises, or screeching within a furnace suggests your heater may have internal malfunctions. Contact an experienced HVAC technician to get your heat working again.

If you find your heater not working, these simple checks could help you save time and the cost of a service call. When you need help, Casteel Heating professionals will get your heater working again or outline your options for replacement.