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The Heat is On - So Why is my AC Frozen?

The Heat is On - So Why is my AC Frozen?

It's the hottest day of the year, the sun is beating down and of course your HVAC is not cooling. You run your hand over the vents and feel a decreased amount of air flow and the home temperature rising. As you go outside dressed in your flip flops and shorts you come up to your outdoor unit and you have discovered an igloo in your yard.

An ice covered AC unit may be an unbelievable sight to see during rising summer temperatures, but in reality is not that uncommon of a problem. It does signify that you may have a serious problem with your equipment that warrants a call to your Casteel HVAC service technicians.

What has happened for your unit to freeze up this way? We can guarantee one thing; an ice princess has not come to your home to sabotage your cooling. Most often it is due to either a restriction in air flow or insufficient refrigerant. The evaporator coil is the component inside of your unit that absorbs the heat and with the refrigerant, evaporates the heat from inside your home. Whichever the reason, the evaporator coil cannot properly transfer the heat and in a sense will over compensate to cool itself. Condensation will then form and lastly that condensation becomes frozen as it cools.

You don't need to work in the Heating and Cooling industry to be able to diagnose a frozen unit but it is best to leave the repair to the experts who are specifically trained to deal with refrigerants and the repair of cases such as this. There are however a few things that you can do in order to speed the process along:

  • Turn the unit off at the thermostat and allow it to thaw. Do not turn the heat on or increase the temperature to counteract the frozen unit
  • Check your air filter to assure that it is not clogged
  • Contact your NATE certified Casteel Heating and Cooling experts to come out and properly diagnose and repair the problem.

More often than not the freezing was caused by a minor problem. In some instances you may have a leak in your system or damage and it is important to have a certified professional perform the appropriate checks, balances, and repair to assure that your unit is cooling properly again.

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