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5 Things You May Not Know About Home Surge Protectors

5 Things You May Not Know About Home Surge Protectors

Most homeowners know that home surge protectors are useful on some level. The best models are not fazed by wild fluctuations in power sources and offer protection for valuable appliances, sometimes with a warranty backing their claims. However, there are many unknowns when it comes to these devices. Here are five things you probably never knew about surge protectors.

1. Power surges are not just from electrical lines.

The most common surges come through a home’s electrical wiring, but the list only starts there. Surges from the phone or cable lines can be equally destructive to valuable appliances like computers and televisions. When you want protection against everything, consider the potential sources.

2. Individual surge protectors die sooner or later.

By protecting your most prized electronics with an individual surge protector, you try to eliminate the potential for damage. Unfortunately, each device has a finite amount of protection available, which is indicated by the product’s joule rating. Even the best devices on the market fail after multiple hits over the years, which leaves you unprotected, in some cases without warning.

3. Power strips are different from surge protectors.

If you have concerns about electrical issues in your home, the majority of power strips (sometimes marketed as surge protectors) won’t do you any good. In fact, only a surge protector with a significant joule rating will keep devices safe after a power surge, and then only until their capacity expires.

4. Lightning can strike your electronics.

When lightning strikes the ground in your area during a vicious storm, a power surge will travel through the ground and possibly into your home’s lines. This act of nature can create a violent jump in power and disable your electronics. There is no warning sign other than the storm itself.

5. Whole-home protection is the only safe bet.

Before you invest in home surge protectors for individual outlets around the house, remember that whole-home protection is your best option. This solution extends to electrical, phone, and cable lines so your appliances and devices are safe. It offers the ultimate protection for homes that are vulnerable to regular thunderstorms and other fluctuations in power.

Whether you have dead outlets at home or need protection for valuable appliances, Casteel electricians can help. Ask about our whole-home surge protection and other solutions for your electrical problems.​