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A New Bathroom Can Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

A New Bathroom Can Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

Do you ever come home from a long day at work and wish you could just book a spa appointment without leaving the house?

Well, with a little creativity and a few knowledgeable professionals, you can. A comparatively inexpensive and relatively unobtrusive way to make your home feel like an oasis from the real world is a spa-like, new bathroom. Here is a handful of ways you can turn your bathroom into a stay-at-home retreat.

Start with light

If you think of the way a spa looks, you will realize that they tend to let in lots of natural light. In the alternative, many spas tend to be dark with warm, relaxing lighting. Your new bathroom should afford you both options. Bigger windows that are frosted or covered with light-colored blinds offer both privacy and vitamin D. For chilling out in the evening, dimmable lights placed strategically throughout the space will give you the chance to adjust the lighting to achieve maximum relaxation. Electrical pros can help you design your lighting plan to get it just right for your space.

Enhance the plumbing

How much you add to your new bathroom will depend largely on the space available. The first consideration should be the tub. Make it larger for a more luxurious feel; a jetted tub will definitely create a more spa-like experience. Even if your space doesn’t allow for a larger tub, jetted tubs come in enough different sizes that you will be able to find one to fit the space you have available.

Consider the shower next. Whether it’s integrated into the tub or a standalone unit, you can add heads and steam features to offer even more options for relaxation. Update your sink and faucet to create a cohesive look in the space.

Extra touches

Finish off your home spa with details like heated floors and built-in Bluetooth speakers. Nothing will jar you out of your zen moment like a freezing-cold tile floor. And calming music played unobtrusively in your new bathroom will keep the real world at bay.

If you’re thinking of updating the bathroom of your Atlanta-area home, call the plumbing and electrical pros at Casteel. Not only can they make sure that you have the right plumbing and wiring for your upgrades, they can help you design the space and select the fixtures to turn your home into a spa retreat.