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Air Conditioning Maintenance: A Rite of Spring

Air Conditioning Maintenance: A Rite of Spring

After the winter we’ve had in the Atlanta area, it may seem like Spring will never get here. But, as always, Georgians will enjoy the arrival of warm weather much earlier than most of the rest of the country; and soon thereafter, the long, hot, humid Georgia summer will have us running for the thermostats. For this reason, you should start thinking about air conditioning maintenance now, even though there is still a chill in the air.

How to Take Care of Your AC

When it comes to springtime air conditioning maintenance, there are many things you can take care of yourself before calling a cooling system pro to make sure that you’ll be able to keep your cool during the Atlanta summer. You can start any time you are outside doing yard work. If you use a cover on the exterior unit of your AC, remove it and put it away for the cooling season.

  1. Check the outdoor unit for dead leaves, grass clippings, spider webs or any other debris that may be clogging airflow to the unit. If there are any bushes or shrubs growing around your AC, trim them back so that air flows freely around the external unit. Last, use your garden hose to spray any dust or other fine particulates off of the coils.
  2. Check the drains on the outdoor unit. It is important that they are not clogged and that water from condensation is not pooling in your drain pan. If you see such condensation, let an HVAC pro know what is going on.
  3. Inside, check the registers and grates to make sure they are clean and dust-free. Use a vacuum cleaner or even just a damp cloth. Check the vents to make sure that they are open to maximize airflow. This will help to keep down the humidity levels over the summer.

Air conditioning maintenance in the Spring is certainly something that you can do yourself. It takes time and preparation, but it is not particularly difficult. One way you can save some time and keep your system running efficiently, though, is to call the HVAC pros at Casteel. Our preventative maintenance program includes an automatically scheduled inspection of your cooling system, as well a basic tune-up that includes filters. Casteel can help you rest cool and easy throughout the hot, Georgia summer.