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Avoiding A Clogged Drain Disaster

Avoiding A Clogged Drain Disaster

If you have it on your “to-do” list to fix a slow drain, it’s a good indication that there may be a troubling underlying issue on hand. Every drain experiences clogs from time to time, but it’s important not to ignore a drain that is clogged for more than a few days at a time. Here are some ways to avoid a clogged drain disaster and prevent you from having to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs.

Look For Signs Of An Underlying Problem

Maybe you have a slow drain in bathroom sink or your laundry room that you don’t pay much attention to. This could be an early indicator to a potentially larger issue. If suddenly other drains become clogged in your home including your shower or even your toilet, it’s definitely a sign of a possible blockage within your main water supply lines or drains. If the main discharge or cleanout drain backs up, it can lead to slow drains throughout your home. Many times the culprit is a small clog in the sewer line or it could be from a root system invading the main sewer discharge line. Other signs to look for include:

  • An increase in rust or dirt inside your toilet or water tap
  • Air bubbles or bursts of air in your water lines
  • Slow toilet flushing
  • Foul sewage or gas odor coming from your drains or toilet

If you’re experiencing these problems in your Buckhead area home, call the pros at Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrcial to help evaluate your situation.

Prevent Large or Uncessceary Items From Going Down The Drain

There are many things that can lead to the clogging of your home’s drain system. Avoid flushing anything that isn’t human waste down the toilet. Keep shower screens clear from debris and intact to avoid razors or other items from falling down the drain. For the kitchen, avoid dumping grease or food items that could expand within the drain. Even when you use hot water or pressurized water to force items down the drain, debris can still settle within the tailpiece and trap of your plumbing system. Overtime, the buildup, along with other food particles can begin to back up or expand the PVC piping. The result is a slow leak that can destroy flooring, wood, drywall and insulation within your home.

Turn Off The Water Source And Contact A Plumbing Pro

If you have a burst water line in your home, shut it off at the source to prevent a widespread disaster. Locate the water shut off valve near where the water comes into your home. This could be near the meter for city water and near the water pump if your home uses well water. Turn it to clockwise to the right to shut it off immediately. For a sewage back up, burst water line or complete drain blockage, call Casteel right away at (770) 766-1657. Remember it is Just $39 Bucks for the trip charge and diagnostic.

A burst water or sewer line can be a devastating blow to your home’s interior. Within minutes, hundreds of dollars of damage can occur. Have your plumbing needs serviced now to prevent a clogged drain disaster from happening.