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Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Really Boost Efficiency?

Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Really Boost Efficiency?

Among available HVAC tune-ups, air conditioning maintenance is one of the most advertised services in the Atlanta area. It makes sense for several reasons. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), AC systems consume about 5 percent of the annual electricity needs, costing users about $11 billion. Here is a look at how AC maintenance would bring those numbers down.

Measures to Increase Efficiency

The DOE says greater air conditioner efficiency can bring energy needs down by 20 to 50 percent. Technicians achieve these improvements through a number of maintenance procedures beginning with AC filter changes. Filter maintenance can save homeowners as much as 15 percent on energy consumption by having clean filters in place for the duration of a typically long, hot summer you get in Buford.

Clean filters are only the beginning. HVAC technicians also clean a system’s evaporator and condenser coils to remove the dirt that accumulates over the course of the year, especially in outdoor systems. In addition, maintenance includes a correction of coil fins, cleaning drain channels, checking on refrigerant levels and assessing the quality of window seals. Finally, technicians check the thermostat to make sure readings are accurate.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Whether it has been several years or just a few seasons since your last AC service visit, your system will operate at a much higher efficiency when all parts are clean and fully functional. These upgrades in performance naturally lower your monthly energy bills, making AC tune-ups basically pay for themselves. But the long-term benefits may be even more appealing for homeowners.

Simple steps like changing the filter and cleaning parts inside air conditioners ensure the equipment will last longer and deliver more return on your lifetime investment in an HVAC system. Likewise, when your cooling system is forced to work harder to deliver home comfort with broken parts and dirty coils, the wear and tear will be reflected in its life span. Service calls that require repairs and replacement are far more expensive than an annual maintenance visit.

Annual air conditioning maintenance delivers short-term cost savings on energy use and long-term benefits by extending the life of the system. Call Casteel for an AC tune-up and learn about more ways up can improve home energy use.