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Have a Failing Air Condition System? Here's How to Troubleshoot

Have a Failing Air Condition System? Here's How to Troubleshoot

A failing air condition system is far more than a mechanical problem. Along with the obvious effect on home comfort, a malfunctioning AC system means wasted energy and the potential for costly repairs. Then again, you may just have a minor problem on your hand that could be settled with a quick fix. Here are tips to troubleshooting common AC issues before the summer heat arrives.

Loss of Cold Air

When there is no cold air (or nothing at all) coming through vents, you have to make sure the AC system is plugged in and turned on before doing anything else. Start with the fuse box and circuit breaker before checking the plug and power strip of the unit. If the remote control isn’t working, try manual operation.

If the air is warm, make sure the system is set to cool and your thermostat is set at the proper temperature. Dirty filters, broken coils, low levels of refrigerant and other issues arising from poor maintenance can cause AC systems to underperform and send warm air into your home.

Noises and Leaks

Screeching or churning air conditioners point to mechanical problems in the compressor of an HVAC system, while general hissing suggests the problem may be air leaking from ducts. Technicians will seal ducts to plug the leaks and get a failing air condition system back into working order.

An overflowing drain pan is usually the sign of a malfunctioning overflow switch, which requires servicing. In the case of a gurgling sound, you may have air refrigerant leaking from the handler, which is a health risk as well as a problem for cooling equipment. Contact a technician promptly to fix this problem.

Rising Energy Bills

While you may target your AC system when energy bills start rising in the summer, there are a number of other factors that could be contributing to the problem. Think about any new appliances you have installed recently that did not get used until the warmer months such as hot tubs, split AC units for home additions, or a pool heater.

If none of these factors could be influencing your higher energy costs, you would be right to focus on a failing air condition system. Simple maintenance procedures could save as much as 50 percent on energy use with an air conditioner in the hot Alpharetta summer.

When your air conditioning system is failing, it will have a major impact on your summer. Contact Casteel for regular AC maintenance or a quick diagnosis of the problem when your system goes down.​