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Home Improvement Projects You Should Never DIY

Home Improvement Projects You Should Never DIY

While it’s rewarding to sit back and take in the effects of your DIY home improvement projects, there are some that Roswell homeowners should never tackle on their own. Saving money to slap some tile down on the bathroom floor may make sense in the long run, but when it comes to complex plumbing, structural and electrical risks, taking on these projects is downright dangerous.

Avoid these DIY home improvement projects that can often take a turn for the worse:

  • Performing plumbing work. Complicated plumbing projects aside from fixing a toilet that runs requires sophisticated tools that most homeowners don’t have, such as pipe cutters and soldering equipment. They also require in depth knowledge of the home’s plumbing systems, which takes years to master.
  • Resodding your lawn (or digging for new landscaping). While this project may seem like a no-brainer that only requires a hefty amount of muscle, think again. Under the ground lie electrical lines and other utility functions. Dig too deeply and you could cut off utility supplies (for which you may be financially responsible for), while electricity lines are hazardous.
  • Adjusting your home’s structural framing. Without keen insight into what’s holding your house together, taking away a wall here or making a hole there could seriously compromise the home’s integrity.
  • Paving the driveway. This project requires expertise that doesn’t appear to do so at first glance. Get the job wrong, however, and your driveway will look like a preschool project. In addition, the DIY project can consume huge amounts of time.
  • Removing trees. Perched precariously at new heights is not only dangerous, but the project requires skillful knowledge of how to remove branches and safely bring a tree down.
  • Doing electrical work. Just like digging underground can lead to trouble with electricity lines, so can DIY projects inside the home. Working with the wires can lead to deadly consequences.
  • Repairing the roof. The danger factor is high whenever a novice climbs onto a roof. One false move and you could be in serious danger. Additionally, you could damage the roof if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Installing siding. When installed correctly, siding is designed to last for decades. However, if it’s done poorly, it can lead to moisture issues and frame damage.
  • Upgrading windows. You’ll need specialized tools for this job and expert knowledge to keep the elements out and the conditioned air in. If the windows aren’t insulated and secured well enough, you’ll compromise the investment.
  • Installing insulation. While this job may seem fairly simple, poor insulation installation can lead to serious damage. If insulation gets wet, it won’t resist heat. If the space isn’t properly sealed, it can compromise the performance of the insulation.

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