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How Heat Pumps Work

How Heat Pumps Work

How heat pumps work might not seem pertinent for your Atlanta home, but as a cost-effective heating system for moderate climates, it should be an option you are familiar with. Before getting into how heat pumps work though, you might want to study up on what exactly is a heat pump.

Unlike more traditional heating units such as furnaces, heat pumps don’t warm an area by burning fuel, but rather by transferring warm air from one location to another. During warm weather heat pumps work in reverse, removing warm air from inside and directing it outdoors.

One of the biggest benefits of these types of systems are the cost savings, as they can cut your home energy consumption by 40 percent and can heat as much space as traditional methods at about a quarter of the cost, according to the Department of Energy.

While there are different types of heat pumps, all the equipment works on the same principle; heat transfer, which is based on the premise that warm air will move from a place with a high temperature to that with a lower one.

The system works, most commonly, by pumping a refrigerant through coils (think of the back of a fridge), while a fan pulls outside air over the coils. This makes the liquid inside absorb heat from the air and expand hot vapor.

This hot vapor is then put through a compressor to increase the pressure and temperature, which is then pushed inside through air ducts. Meanwhile, the refrigerant in the coils condenses back into a liquid and begins to pick up more heat from outside. This method is referred to as air-sourced.

Another type of heat pump, and a bit more expensive to have installed, is ground-source heat pumps. These work in a similar fashion, but instead of pulling heat from outside air, it generates warmth by pull heat from the ground through tubes filled with water or refrigerant.

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