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How To Promote Good Indoor Air Quality During Pollen Season

How To Promote Good Indoor Air Quality During Pollen Season

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s important that your home remains a safe haven where you can easily breathe without discomfort. The pollen count is high during the spring and early summer months, especially in the Roswell area. This can bring about an array of troubling health problems directly related to exposure to certain allergens-including pollen. Here are a few ways you can help curb your symptoms by making some adjustments inside your home and promoting good indoor air quality.

Have An Air Filtration Installed In Your Home

One of the best ways to keep the inside of your home pollen and allergen free is to trap unwanted materials before they reach your lungs and mucous membranes. This can be accomplished through an air filtration system. A good air filter will catch up to 98 percent of debris that is in the air as it is being circulated. You can have more than one air filter in use inside your home. An air filter is most effective when it’s installed within your HVAC system. This will cause most air contaminants, including pollen that is brought in from outside to become trapped. Calling a HVAC specialist from Casteel will help you come up with the best solution for your existing HVAC and air filtration needs.

Clean Out Your Duct Work

Having the air ducts within your HVAC unit and ventilation system cleaned can help cut down on the amount of dust, pollen and dirt that could end up in the air of your home. Over time, these allergens can buildup from years of settling inside the walls of your furnace’s duct work. Having them professional cleaned will help eliminate the extra debris and sanitize the surface so there is less dust accumulation in your home to contribute to allergies.

Frequently Clean Carpeting And Upholstery

If you have hay fever or allergic rhinitis, it’s important to keep areas where you rest as clean as possible. Pet dander, embedded dirt and grass clippings from outside can remain deep within upholstery and the fibers of your carpeting. To improve indoor air quality, furniture and drapery should be deep cleaned during pollen season. This can significantly reduce your chance of having an allergic response.

Bedroom Cleaning

Your bedroom may be secretly harboring pollen particles and dust that is contributing to your allergies. If you’ve been outdoors and exposed to pollen and other allergens, they can easily fall off and into your bed if you don’t change your clothes. In addition, dust mites can also contribute to an allergic response. Clean your bedroom and mattress thoroughly during pollen season and install an air filtration system in your room to help remove debris that triggers your allergy symptoms.

Getting the upper hand on your allergies, means starting with cleaning the air. Breathing in fresh air means thinking about multiple ways to keep allergens out of your home.