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How UV Lights Clean the Air and Boost HVAC Efficiency

How UV Lights Clean the Air and Boost HVAC Efficiency

Among the tools used by HVAC technicians to purify air circulating through your home, ultraviolet light may be one of the least known tools available. However, these devices have the ability to control allergens and bacteria that make breathing more difficult for your family members. Here is a look at how UV lights work inside an HVAC system to improve home air quality.

Ultraviolet Light and Bacteria Control

In the early nineteenth century, scientists discovered they could use ultraviolet light to control germs while treating patients with tuberculosis. Ever since, these lights have been used to kill bacteria in hospitals, restaurants and other places where sanitation is a priority. These lights now are used for germicidal functions inside HVAC systems, killing bacteria before it can go into your home’s air stream, where it can cause problems for anyone suffering from breathing trouble.

Though the applications vary, UV lights usually are placed inside an air handler where they kill bacteria on coils as air comes through return ducts. These solutions are affordable and run constantly, whenever you turn on your HVAC system. In addition to killing allergens, ultraviolet lights help control mold and mildew in an HVAC system, which helps eliminate the dampness that can make air quality worse.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Unfortunately, you cannot stop allergens and bacteria from settling inside the home. Nearly 90% of all dust is the product of shedding skin and fabric from clothing. However, you can control the levels of dust and bacteria through several measures. Washing bedding weekly, having ducts cleaned regularly and choosing air purification systems will improve the situation in any home.

As with these other measures, UV lights inside your HVAC system do the double work of limiting allergens and increasing the efficiency of cooling systems in the summer. You may even be able to cover the cost of ultraviolet lights when you factor in the energy savings you can enjoy.

While you cannot eliminate dust and allergens from your home forever, there are numerous ways to improve air quality. Let Casteel’s technicians explain your options in ultraviolet lights, air purifiers and other services that will get your family breathing free and easy in any season.