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Knocking Sounds in Heating System: Learn the Source

Knocking Sounds in Heating System: Learn the Source

With annual HVAC service, your furnace should perform like a rock star, keeping your Buckhead home comfortably heated. However, even well-maintained systems can experience problems now and then. If you hear knocking sounds in heating system, you should act fast, as they are often an indication that something is going wrong inside the furnace. Here’s what could be happening:

  • When you hear a knock, knock echoing through your home, it’s not a game. Often, when the furnace cycles on and off, you may hear noises simply because the metal ductwork is expanding and contracting. When the heat is off, the ducts cool down. But when the heat starts moving through them, and the warmth hits the cool ducts, they’ll start to make noises.
  • On the other hand, knocking sounds in heating system while it’s running, is a sign of a real problem. There could be two issues going on: The bearings in the motor are going bad or the belt is cracked or damaged in some way. It’s also possible for the source of the knocking noises to come from the burners and gas valve.

The best way to troubleshoot a knocking sound is to make your best effort to determine if the noise is coming from ductwork as it expands and contracts. If you don’t notice the noise after the furnace is running for a few minutes, you’re probably safe. If the noise continues and never stops while the furnace is on, call an HVAC contractor for help.

In most cases, if you schedule annual furnace maintenance, you shouldn’t experience these problems. That’s because the service includes a full scale inspection of the system, and the technician will look for common problems like damaged belts, or bad bearings, burners and valves. As your furnace ages, it’s even more important to service the system. Most experts agree that a well-maintained furnace lasts longer than a furnace that’s only serviced occasionally, or not at all.

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