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Mold in HVAC Unit? Know the Signs

Mold in HVAC Unit? Know the Signs

Mold in HVAC unit. It’s insidious and sneaky.

You don’t know it’s there unless a technician looks for it specifically.

But you will feel its effects in your home. Each time the air conditioner turns on, the flow of air over the coil picks up mold particles, and sends them through the ductwork and into your living spaces. Learn what Atlanta homeowners can do to quickly spot signs of mold issues.

Why it Happens

Fortunately, there is wealth of information and studies that have been performed on mold, so we know a lot about why it grows. Mold needs an environment in which to thrive and food sources. The University of Florida Extension Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences recommends that homeowners keep their ductwork systems maintained so that they’re free of particles and debris. This kind of organic matter is food for mold. The presence of water also encourages mold growth. Long-standing water inside the ductwork can also lead to mold growth. Regular maintenance of ductwork is critical to avoid mold in HVAC unit.

However, the other key to prevention involves servicing the HVAC system itself. Because moisture is part of the dehumidification process air conditioners perform, there will be condensation and moisture in the system; however, regular maintenance helps to prevent the proliferation of mold. The technician will clean the condensate pans, drains and coil to ensure they’re free of mold.

How to Spot it Early on

Stop mold problems in their tracks. Here’s are some early warning signs to look for:

  • The home smells musty.
  • There is a mildew odor in multiple rooms of the home.
  • You notice the musty odor more so when the HVAC system runs.
  • There is mold present in other areas of your home, such as the basement, ductwork or other living spaces.

The only way to really know if there’s mold in HVAC unit is to hire a professional to evaluate the system and test it for mold. If you’d like help with HVAC service or repair, contact the professionals at Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical today!