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Poor Indoor Air Quality? Spring Clean This One Place

Poor Indoor Air Quality? Spring Clean This One Place

You can improve poor indoor air quality in your Roswell home by regularly changing your A/C filter, cleaning often and installing an air purifier. However, there’s one key area of your home that could be contributing to poor indoor air quality, and it’s one that many homeowners ignore: the vents.

Commonly called ductwork, the vents throughout your home routinely harbor dust and debris in them. You see, as the air circulates throughout your home, it also carries with it almost-impossible-to-see particles. As your HVAC system turns on, the powerful force of the blower draws the home’s air through the system. Once the air is conditioned, or cooled, it’s released into the ductwork, which connects to each of the rooms in your home.

Here’s what often happens inside the ducts: As the air moves through them, so do the particles. Once the blower shuts down, the particles settled in the ducts. But when you hear that familiar “whoosh” when the A/C (or furnace) turns on again, the blower pushes all the particles resting in the ducts out into the living spaces.

In the spring, when you take the time to clean out closets, get dust bunnies out of the corners of the rooms and clear out underneath the beds, schedule an appointment with an HVAC or duct cleaning specialist. The appointment will include these services:

  • A visual inspection of the ductwork.
  • A thorough cleaning of the ductwork, including using agitation tools to release build-up dirt and then a powerful vacuum, which suctions all the debris and air into a contained area.
  • Make sure that your technician closes all the vents to the home’s living spaces so that when the agitation and vacuuming are performed, dirt and debris isn’t released into the home.

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