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Proper ceiling fan rotation: Make sure your fan is working for you

Proper ceiling fan rotation: Make sure your fan is working for you

Ceiling fans are a simple, inexpensive way to make your home more comfortable in both summer and winter. However, small details like proper ceiling fan rotation, can make a tremendous difference in both your level of comfort and on your monthly energy bill. Changing the speed and direction in which your fan spins on a seasonal basis will keep your home cozy all year long, all the while saving you money.

Most ceiling fans come equipped with a switch that, when flipped, changes the direction in which the blades spin. By reversing the direction of the rotation in summer and winter months, you can use your ceiling fan to help keep a room feeling cooler or warmer.

In the hot summer months, proper ceiling fan rotation is clockwise (when viewed from the floor). In this direction, the fan will pull the cooler air up from the floor and create a more comfortable feel in the area it serves. Use speed settings to control the strength of the breeze during warm weather.

When the days get cooler and the heat comes on, reverse direction of the fan blades — and reduce their speed — to keep warm air circulating throughout the space. Because warm air rises, it will often get trapped against the ceiling. Your fan will force it back down the walls and keep the room warmer.

No matter the season, proper ceiling fan rotation will allow you to raise or lower your thermostat so that your HVAC system does not cycle on and off as frequently or run as often as it would without assistance from your ceiling fan(s). This, in turn, translates into cool savings on your energy bill.

If you have any questions about proper ceiling fan rotation or installation, get in touch with the pro electricians at Casteel. Our techs can answer your questions and make sure that your ceiling fans are keeping you cool throughout the long, hot Atlanta summer.