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Purchasing A Thermostat For Your Eco-Friendly Home And What To Consider

Purchasing A Thermostat For Your Eco-Friendly Home And What To Consider

Even though spring is upon us and summer is around the corner, it’s always a good time to think about energy efficiency and savings. If you’ve made some recent updates in your Buckhead area home to switch over to a more sustainable lifestyle, one thing that you don’t want to pass over is your home’s thermostat. If it wasn’t replaced when you upgraded to an energy efficient HVAC system, now is the time to make the change. You’ll see a substantial energy savings throughout the year. When purchasing a thermostat for your home’s heating and cooling needs, here are some factors to consider.

Identifying Your HVAC System

When observing if your existing thermostat is up to date and working properly, ask yourself if it was replaced or upgraded the last time you had your furnace or air conditioner put in. In many cases, if you added another heating source to your home such as solar panels or a geothermal heating source, you may be using an outdated thermostat or more than one to heat and cool different areas of your home. Contacting a Casteel HVAC professional will allow them to evaluate every aspect of your heating and cooling system and any eco-friendly additions that you’ve made to your home. If possible, Casteel will safely combine all of your heating and cooling devices so you’re only using one accurate thermostat.

Convenience Of Use

When selecting a thermostat with your Casteel HVAC pro, consider what works for your family and lifestyle. Some things to consider include:

  • How often you are at home.
  • What time you’re home.
  • If you vacation or travel frequently.
  • Do you have different heating and cooling needs in different areas of your home?

These are important questions and concerns to go over with your HVAC professional. A programmable thermostat that changes as your needs change may be recommended.


One option is to choose an eco-smart thermostat. This is perfect if you want to interact and track how well your thermostat and HVAC system is performing. These thermostats interact with software installed on your computer or smart phone. They offer reliable results that you can use to detect right away how your HVAC system is operating.

When purchasing a thermostat, talk to a professional at Casteel to make sure you get a model that meets the needs of your household.