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When Odor In Drains Indicates A More Serious Issue

When Odor In Drains Indicates A More Serious Issue

If you feel like you pour a lot of bleach or other chemicals down your drain to combat stinky odors such as mold and mildew, it may be time to replace the drains all together. Over time, excessive accumulation of food and waste along with lime and calcium buildup can lead to foul odors in household drains. This odor is only masked by bleach and the problem is generally not eradicated completely. Here are some telltale signs you need to stop masking pipe odor in drains and have them either professionally cleaned or replaced.

Slow Draining Or Frequent Clogs

If your drains have been causing a substantial odor problem in your kitchen or bathroom, it could be an indication of a clog that has formed deep within your home’s sewer lines or water drain. A small clog leading from the house to the city sewage system outside can cause discharge lines to back up and eventually clog completely. Strong scents of raw sewage or sewer gas may be prevalent. Calling a pro from Casteel Heating, Cooling and Plumbing allows them to determine where the exact issue lies. From there, the lines will be snaked out and the debris causing the clog will be removed. In severe cases of burst pipes from tree roots, the pipes will have to be replaced and the tree and roots removed from the invading area.

Gaseous Odors

Smells of gas coming up through your kitchen sink or shower can be troubling. Over time, the chemical treatments you may use to help eliminate foul smells and odors can cause the pipes to weaken and in some cases leak. When sewer gas has been ruled out by a Casteel professional, it could be that your lines need to be replaced due to accumulative organic matter or age. If your home has copper pipes, having them switched to PVC, will help restore proper water flow and eliminate foul, gaseous odors.

Unusual Amount Of Flies In And Around Sink Area

In addition to foul and unpleasant odors in your kitchen sink, you may also have a problem with small flies. Many people refer to them as fruit flies or gnats, but they are likely from the Latin Name-Psychodidae-or more commonly known as a drain fly. They live and thrive off of organic matter and sewage. While they may feed off of old debris within your sink, they are not harmful other than the fact that they leave behind a sweet odor and they are overly bothersome. To eliminate them completely, you’ll want to make sure your drains are kept clean, especially if you have a garbage disposal. For severe cases, you may have to call pest control in addition to Casteel Plumbing to come out and replace the drains in the affected areas.

Unmaintained water pipes and traps leads to odor in drains and eventually worn out areas that could leak or cause clogs. Call a plumbing pro today at Casteel to help clean or replace your drains properly and restore function and hygiene to your Buford area home.