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10 Ways Thermostats Have Taken Climate Control into the Future

10 Ways Thermostats Have Taken Climate Control into the Future

While heating and cooling systems have made huge strides in recent decades, nothing compares to the gauges controlling HVAC equipment in homes today.

Today’s thermostats learn to adapt to you in your home and allow for an unprecedented range of options for saving energy and money. Here are 10 ways they have taken climate control into the future.

1. Heat Pump Balance

Heat pumps are efficient, but in the interest of saving even more energy, you are now able to program a thermostat so it can modify its allotment of auxiliary heat. It sounds complicated, but it is basically a custom heating machine.

2. Telling Washing Machines to Be Quiet

Did you know entering your home can prompt a thermostat to turn down the noise on washing machines? That is now a possibility.

3. The Tablet Touchscreen

Climate control via Wi-Fi may sound like enough of an advance. Now add the seven-inch, interactive touchscreen and it becomes more remarkable. Trane’s ComfortLink II is a modern marvel.

4. Room-by-Room Control

A few years ago, it might have sounded crazy that you could control each room in your home according to your preferences, but a thermostat is now capable of room-by-room modifications.

5. Live Weather Forecasting

Television sets, smartphones and laptop computers have little on a thermostat that can show live weather reports while giving you a five-day forecast as you turn down the heat.

6. Thermostats Now Read the Energy Grid

In one of the most amazing new developments, there is a thermostat function that tells you not to charge your electric car when energy prices are high.

7. Full Smartphone Control

It might seem obvious, but modern climate control and energy settings all are possible on your phone, as well as any other Internet-enabled device. A thermostat is a security system in this respect: it will alert you when someone enters the home, and warn you if your kids are late getting home.

8. Coordinating With Sleep Trackers

Another futuristic touch involves a thermostat’s ability to know your preferred sleeping and awake temperatures. When you get up in the morning, it will coordinate with sleep-tracking devices to set your ideal morning settings.

9. Extreme Energy Efficiency

With careful adjustments in heat pump action and constant shifts in order to give you maximum comfort without waste, thermostats allow for greater efficiency than ever before.

10. Understanding a Family’s Habits

Seeing the full range of a smart thermostat will seem incredible to many homeowners. These devices are capable of learning your family’s preferences and schedules as you shift behaviors in different seasons.

The latest thermostats have made devices from 10 years ago obsolete. Let Casteel walk you through the latest advances in climate control for your home.