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Hot Water Heaters: Uncovering Problems With No Hot Water

Hot Water Heaters: Uncovering Problems With No Hot Water

Hot water heaters should last for 10 to 15 years, but if you don’t have a professional service system, you may find yourself without hot water in your home. If you are routinely running out of water, get in touch with a plumber to uncover the reason your hot water heater’s conking out. Here are a few of the more common reasons homeowners run out of hot water.

The tank is too small

If your hot water heater employs a 40 gallon tank, for example, and members of your household quickly use up that water by showering, running the dishwasher, washing a load of laundry and doing dishes - all within a span of half an hour or so - you’ll use up the amount of hot water the tank is able to hold at once. If, after waiting awhile, you can access hot water again, it’s likely that your system’s tank is too small for your household’s needs. Contact a plumber to talk about upgrading to a system that employs a bigger tank.

It’s also possible to purchase a tankless water heater. Installed at the point of use, a tankless heater doesn’t employ a holding tank to keep hot water at-the-ready. Instead, it uses a gas or electric heating element to heat water only when you turn on the tap, tub or shower. You can also install whole-house tankless systems to instantly access hot water for household appliances, too.

The breaker trips

One of the first things that a plumber will check is whether or not the breaker has been tripped. If it’s been tripped, it won’t supply electricity to an electric water heater, and the system won’t be able to keep water heater.

The pilot light goes out

Another power source issue, in order to keep gas-powered hot water heaters going, the pilot light must burn. If the light has gone out, the tank won’t be able to keep the body of water hot for too long.

If you’re wondering how much longer your family can go without hot water, don’t suffer one minute longer. Contact Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical for a free consultation today and get started on the road to a steady supply of hot water - whenever you need it!