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Ideas for Outdoor Landscaping

Ideas for Outdoor Landscaping

Warmer weather is on its way to the Atlanta area, and you know what that means: It is time to start thinking about your home’s outdoor spaces. Once you have finished all the Spring yard work that needs to be done, though, you can turn your attention to spicing up curbside appeal. Here are a handful of ideas for outdoor landscaping.

Outdoor Lighting

One place to start is outdoor lighting. Not only can a well-designed lighting plan enhance the beauty of your home’s landscaping, it also offers a measure of safety for you and your family. Walkway lights keep your pathway well lit and illuminate any obstacles that may lay in your way (Bobby forgot to put away his skateboard, again!). Use ground lights to highlight the plants and shrubs around the perimeter of your home. Lights mounted in trees create a beautiful evening atmosphere while providing illumination at the ground level. Outdoor illumination also enhances security by dissuading prowlers. A seasoned electrical pro will have many lighting ideas for outdoor landscaping.

Plant Some Flowers

Landscaping can be an expensive undertaking. Once the landscapers have your plants, shrubs and flowers in the ground, you’re going to want to take care of them in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible. Make sure that your house is properly plumbed and has all the necessary exterior outlets for your watering and yard work needs. Consider installing an in ground sprinkler system with a timer to maximize watering efficiency while wasting the least water possible. This can be especially important during the hottest parts of the Georgia summers, when it doesn’t rain as often as one may hope.

An outdoor gas grill is always a nice addition to a patio. Having a gas line run directly to the grill from the house can save you all those trips to the store to have your propane tank refilled. It also ensures you won’t run out of propane before your steaks are ready to come off the grill.

The folks at Casteel are full of ideas for outdoor landscaping. Call and talk to one of their plumbing or electrical pros to discuss options ranging from water features and in ground sprinkler systems to outdoor lighting and sound systems. Once you’ve got your landscaping looking great, an outdoor kitchen/grill area is a fantastic way to enjoy it!