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Modern Design Ideas For Shower Remodels And Bathroom Makeovers

Modern Design Ideas For Shower Remodels And Bathroom Makeovers

If you’re getting ready to revamp your bathroom, your shower is likely a priority on that list. There are countless options for shower remodels for the modern home. The key is to find something that is eco-friendly but still delivers a design punch that soothes and satisfies the eye.

Shower Head

While it may not be the first thing you see when you step into the shower, it’s definitely the first thing you’ll feel. A modern-style shower head is meant to be a step above the traditional hand-held single shower head. A custom designed shower with built in jets and shower heads gives you a complete shower experience. Select something as simple as a waterfall shower with a large square head that pours down around your entire body or a wall that has jets placed top to bottom to offer a rain shower-like experience. A professional plumber from Casteel in the Buford area can help ensure that your existing plumbing is the perfect match for your new shower head, faucets and jets in your bathroom. Don’t forget to ask your plumbing professional about upgrading your existing hot water heater to a tankless model or adding a water conditioning system to help make your shower experience the best it can be.

Natural Materials

Long gone are the prefabricated shower enclosures that give off a rigid and non-decorative feel. New shower designs utilize natural stone and other materials to create a simple enclosure that is welcoming and relaxing. Modern designs include materials such as:

  • Stone slabs and pebbles
  • Polished or hand carved concrete tiles
  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Fine metals including copper and stainless steel

Inside a modern shower, built-in shampoo caddies and benches provide natural-shaped accessories. Separate your shower from the rest of the bathroom with a glass sheet or enclosure. Showers often sit in the corner of the bathroom but larger, double shower areas can take up an entire wall area.


The lighting in a shower should be adequate but not overbearing. To achieve a relaxing atmosphere, you’ll need to utilize recessed lighting that is more minimal inside the shower. Lighting lenses can be frosted to create a subtle effect. You can add heated lamps with timers that are eco-friendly and energy efficient to provide a warming effect as you step outside of the shower. Select square lights for a modern vibe over traditional circular lighting choices.

Color Accents

An important part of shower remodels is the overall color theme. While most natural stones and tiles go with almost anything, you can match up your bathroom theme to coincide with the interior of your shower. Modern designs thrive on crisp whites with bright accent colors. This allows you to have a splash of color on the walls, drapery, towels and rugs while not over powering the main focal point of the room-the shower area.

At both the beginning and the end of the day, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you are satisfied with your new shower re-do. The end result should be an attractive and effective shower experience. Contact us today at Casteel to learn more before starting bathroom renovations and more.