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National Electrical Safety Month is Here!

National Electrical Safety Month is Here!

Thousands of homes catch fire each year and hundreds of adults and children are sent to the emergency room due to faulty wiring or poor electrical safety. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) is the premier non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting electrical safety at home and in the workplace. They have dubbed May as the official National Electrical Safety Month and sponsor a number of public awareness programs to help prevent these unnecessary incidences that can put yourself and your family in jeopardy. This has become such an important cause that even the White House is getting on board this year and taking proactive precautions in electrical safety.
At Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical, we support homeowner awareness and that is one of the many reasons we offer a Just $39 Bucks diagnostic and trip charge. All of our customers now have reasonably priced access to addressing possible electrical hazards in their homes. By having a trained electrician evaluating your needs and providing recommendations and solutions, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your home is safer place for your family.
What are the biggest hazards a homeowner should be on the lookout for? What are some changes that every homeowner can make to keep your home safe and hazard free? Don't disregard outdoor wiring either... electricity whether inside or outside can pose a hazard.

• In homes with small children, unused wall sockets and extension-cord receptacles should have plastic safety covers.

• Follow the manufacturer's instructions for plugging an appliance into a receptacle outlet.

• Make sure to only plug one high wattage appliance into an outlet at a time. Don't overload your outlets.

• Replace or repair loose or frayed cords on all electrical devices.

• Keep extension cords out of traffic areas and don't run them under carpets.

• Instead of using a variety of different extension cords, contact Casteel and have a professional install additional outlets in the rooms that you have the need for extension cords and power strips. Remember, extension cords are actually meant for temporary use.

• Always use the appropriate wattage light bulbs for your light fixtures. By calling the service electricians at Casteel, all of your light fixtures and chandeliers can be inspected and light bulbs can be changed to assure proper wattage.

• Feel your outlets. If they are warm to the touch, call professional Casteel electricians to properly diagnose the problem.

• Keep any and all appliances away from water and when unplugging them, make sure to use the plastic housing around the plug and not the cord.

• Flickering and dimming lights can mean that there is an electrical problem in your home. Call a professional Casteel electrician to evaluate the source of the electrical inconsistencies.

• Don't leave appliances plugged in outside, even if under a porch. Moisture can affect your outdoor outlets as well.

Working with electricity can be dangerous. While there are a number of things you as a homeowner can do to help prevent electrical hazards, it is best to leave rewiring and repairs to the professionals. At Casteel, our electricians are specially trained to not only provide you with the best customer service but also keep you and your family safe. Observe National Electrical Safety Awareness month and call Casteel today. Schedule your Just $39 Bucks trip charge and diagnostic and make sure that your home is free from electrical hazards. Call 770-565-5884