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Resolving Low Water Pressure In Shower And Bathroom Areas

Resolving Low Water Pressure In Shower And Bathroom Areas

If family members have been complaining of a reduction of water pressure when they are taking a shower, it may be time to get to the bottom of the issue. There could be several reasons for low water pressure in shower areas and other locations throughout your home. The first step is seeing if you can resolve the issue on your own with a simple fix, but if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to call a Marietta area plumbing professional to come in and take a closer look. Here are a few things that may contribute to a drop in water flow.

Obstruction Or Mineral Deposits

One of the most common causes from low water pressure is a buildup of mineral deposits within the water pipes throughout your home. Even if water seems to be flowing fine to other faucets, you can still have a significant buildup to the direct water line to the shower. Unfortunately, there is no way to clean out these pipes on your own as an easy fix. You’ll likely have to have a plumbing professional come out and replace the clogged pipes. In some cases, your shower head may be clogged with lime, rust or other mineral deposits. Cleaning the nozzle, head and faucet regularly can prevent added buildup. In severe cases, you may need to replace the shower head altogether. To prevent an obstruction from reoccurring, asking your plumber or water specialist about a whole-house water softener treatment system that will eliminate most of these contaminants from your water.

Faulty Pressure Regulator

Whether you have city water or well water, a faulty pressure regulator can easily contribute to diminished water flow to the home. If your shower is trickling rather than flowing freely, this could be the culprit. Most regulators are preset to around 60 psi and don’t usually malfunction. Your plumber will examine the regulator to determine if it is allowing water to flow in properly.

Slow Water Leak Or Cracks

You may simply have a leak somewhere in your waterlines and not even know it. Small hairline leaks can appear as condensation on your pipes or a water puddle may form in an area you may not visibly notice right away. A Casteel plumber will closely examine your home’s water pipe system to check for cracks that could diminish water pressure.

Bad Valve Or Pump

It’s important to know where the main water valve coming into your home is located. This makes it easy to turn water off in the event of a flooding emergency. If this valve is accidentally tampered with or moved slightly in the wrong direction, it can diminish the flow coming into the home. Check the valve to make sure it is open all the way.

There are several things to check when trying to decipher the root cause of your water flow problem and low water pressure in shower areas inside your bathroom. Having a qualified plumber evaluate your home’s plumbing system will help resolve your water pressure issue in your shower. Contact one of our qualified plumbers today at Casteel to learn more.