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Taking Care of Your HVAC Unit: 5 Best Practices

Taking Care of Your HVAC Unit: 5 Best Practices

As a Buford homeowner, you should expect to add taking care of your HVAC unit to your list of standard duties. Alongside clearing out the gutters, replacing old carpet, updating a tired, worn kitchen, maintaining your heating and cooling system should be a top priority. Without proper care, the HVAC system will succumb to dirt buildup, worn parts, and early system failure.

Here are the five best practices you can do to prioritize taking care of your HVAC unit so it will take care of you:

  1. Inspection. You should have a professional evaluate the system every year, looking for signs that parts are wearing out. Schedule maintenance for the furnace in the fall, before heating seasons begin, and make an appointment for air conditioning service in the spring, before cooling season starts up. That way, your HVAC unit will be ready for action when you need to fire it up.
  2. Cleaning. Along with an inspection, your HVAC technician should also clean the system thoroughly, getting rid of dirt and grime that builds up on parts, causing them to wear out or for the system to consume more energy. For example, as the blower fan accumulates dirt on the blades, weighing them down, the blower must consume more energy to run.
  3. Air filters. Every three months or so, experts recommend that homeowners change out the HVAC unit’s air filter. If you are using the system frequently, have pets in the home, or a family member suffers from allergies, you may want to change the filter more often.
  4. Outdoor unit. Check the outdoor unit about once a month during cooling season. Make sure that the area around the unit is free of grass clippings and leaves. Keep an eye on the unit, as it operates best when it’s perfectly level. Open the access panel and gently spray the coils with a garden hose to remove dirt.
  5. Condensate drain. Keep an eye on the condensate drain, which can harbor mold and other solids that can block the system’s drainage. During maintenance service, be sure that your technician inspects the drain and employs a cleaning solution to clear out potential blockages in the condensate lines.

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