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Plumbing Tips Your Plumber Wishes You Knew:

Plumbing Tips Your Plumber Wishes You Knew:

We've found some interesting things down home and commercial drains...grease, hair,food, paper, jewelry are the most common. We've had encounters with drains clogged with false teeth, clothes, diapers, goldfish and even the occasional action figure. While we are in the business to help you with your plumbing woes, there are a number of tips that can help make your life easier. These few tricks of the trade can help eliminate the frantic SOS plumbing calls and with regular maintenance checks, keep your plumbing system flowing smoothly.

  • Do It Yourself Chemical Drain Cleaners are a NO NO

While there are a variety of chemicals on the market that claim to clear your drain, the harshness of these products can cause more damage than good in the long run. Lye and acid based products are popular on the store shelves and may be effective in clearing surface clogs such as hair or soap scum. However, the products themselves can be hazardous and caustic to you and your plumbing pipes, weakening or corroding your pipes with repeated use over time. If you can't clear your clog with ease by using natural products or using a drain cleaning tool, calling in your plumber is the best bet to keep your plumbing in tip top shape and preventing future damage.

  • Know Where Your Water Shut Off Valve Is

If you are having a plumbing crisis, one of the first things your plumber will tell you is to shut off your main water valve. As you watch gallons of water spray into your home, even the calmest of homeowners will become frantic. Stop the panic and irreversible damage! Locate your shut off valve now so when a plumbing emergency strikes, you will be ready. Then call your professional plumber for repairs.

  • No Oil or Grease

You may think that the liquid grease will run smoothly down your pipes, but at some point it will solidify and has become one of the most common causes of plumbing problems. Hold on to a used milk jug or metal coffee can and dispose of the grease into the secondary container. You can even freeze the container and put it into the trash on garbage day. A "down the drain it goes" mindset is a no no when dealing with plumbing. For more information about grease management in the metro Atlanta area go to:

  • When in Doubt-Call your Plumber Out

Keeping an eye on your plumbing system and performing regular maintenance is much respected by your plumber. BUT know your limits. Plumbing does require know how, code compliance and special tools. The damage that water can cause, whether it be a slow leak or a disastrous emergency, can be expensive. While you may worry that a professional plumber may be costly, in the long run improper plumbing repair can result in burst pipes and mold damage. If you are questioning your expertise or ability, err on the side of caution.

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