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Electrical Safety Tips to a Safer Home

Electrical Safety Tips to a Safer Home

Today marks the start of National Fire Prevention Week 2015, sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA advocates safe practices that can help prevent fires and promote electrical safety through your home. This year the theme of this week is "Hear the Beep Where you Sleep" to remind you that every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm.

There are a number of things that every home owner can do to create a safer home environment, free of fire hazards. A few minutes and a little awareness go a long way.

  • Do Not overload outlets with too many electronics or appliances.
  • Do Not run extension cords under rugs or furniture.
  • Routinely check extension, appliance and electronic cords for signs of damage.
  • Make sure that you have GFCI protected outlets in all areas where water is present such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Check these regularly throughout the year.
  • Make sure your refrigerator coils as well as your dryer vent are regularly vacuumed.
  • Schedule your annual furnace cleaning and make sure to regularly change your air filters.
  • Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors regularly.
  • Keep your light fixtures dusted and never cover lamps with anything, such as blankets, to dim the light. You can have dimmer switches installed by your licensed electricians as a solution.
  • Remember that extension cords are only temporary solutions. Contact a licensed electrician to install an outlet in the area that you are using the cord.
  • Make sure to follow appliance specifications. Some appliances should not be used with extension cords. Lamps and light fixtures have a recommended wattage for the light bulbs. Do not exceed this recommendation.
  • Always have a licensed electrician such as those at Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical, inspect your home yearly to catch any problems that can pose a hazard and perform any installation or repair. It is dangerous to work with electricity and Casteel electricians are licensed and follow the National Electric Code recommendations for safety.

At Casteel, it's JUST $39 BUCKS for your trip charge and diagnostic. Our licensed and highly skilled electricians will come into your home and provide you with a diagnostic inspection of your concerns, which will outline any potential problems and risks that are associated with your electrical system. They will also give you a detailed and fair outline of the repairs and costs involved. Since all of our trucks are fully stocked, most often your work will be completed immediately. At Casteel, taking Amazing Care of our customers starts with your safety and peace of mind.

With Casteel you can not only schedule your electrical diagnostic, but also your heating system tune up. One company, one call, and you are on your way towards year round electrical safety. Contact Casteel today at (770) 766-1657 or schedule online. Remember, there is no such thing as a small electrical hazard.