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Why You Should Only Hire Licensed Professionals

Why You Should Only Hire Licensed Professionals

Cheaper Tradesmen Are Not Always Worth the Extra Change in your Pocket

The electrical system is the lifeblood of your home. Just the same, your plumbing system is a must for sanitary purposes. Our heating and cooling systems were once luxuries and now necessities in current times. These three main systems are vital to the functioning of people in modern times and comprise of a network of complicated and pricey components neatly hidden behind our walls. When any of these systems fail, the idea of costly repairs or installations can make any homeowner break a sweat and grab a tight hold of their wallet. But is it wise to look for the cheapest handyman of sorts to save yourself a few extra pennies?

Get Multiple Quotes & Experienced Contractors

It is recommended to always get more than one quote for any work that needs to be completed in your home. When you have a contractor that underbids the rest, while the price may be appealing, it should raise a red flag in your mind. Often times, unlicensed contractors are not bonded or insured, do not offer warranties or guarantees and do not pay unemployment costs for their workers. Speaking of their workers, many times these workers themselves may not be the most skilled and are compensated less than those that may have years of experience and numbers of certifications in their field of work. While the lower cost is attractive to the home owner's bottom line on the forefront of the project, most of the time it is not as it appears.

A Trade License can be the Difference Between Great Work and Disaster

Hiring a company that has gone through the licensing process can be the difference between a fast, easy, seamless experience and a home project disaster. Companies that are licensed have gone through an application process by their local government agency. Each county or state may have their own set of guidelines. However, in order to obtain a license, the contractor is required to have a minimum insurance policy, be bonded (which protects the homeowner), as well as have proficiency and knowledge in their area of expertise which can come as trade licenses and certifications. These licenses require the contractor to have an in-depth knowledge of their areas of expertise to that of a basic contracting license.

Training and Certifications DO Mean Something

In order for a company to meet all of these necessary requirements, it can be quite costly and for this reason, they often cannot provide their work at handyman prices. Companies that are licensed, bonded and insured also tend to hire experienced tradesmen who have knowledge and certifications to get the job completed properly and safely. This helps assure that the work is done per regulatory codes and prevents violations against the company. Not to mention, licensed companies often provide continued training for their employees to guarantee they are proficient in current codes and specifications.

Accidents, Damages & Poor Repairs Can Fall on the Homeowner

Say this still doesn't convince you that these extra precautions are worth the extra cost. In the event that the contractor steps on a nail, cuts his hand, falls off of a ladder, floods your home, causes damage to your home or anything in it, doesn't complete the work, or doesn't pay their suppliers; these extra precautions cause these problems to fall on the contractor. If you hire a contractor without these precautions, any of the scenarios above will fall on your insurance or come out of your pocket as the homeowner. Is this a risk that you want to take?

Interview, Ask Questions, Get Great Results

It is always recommended to interview the companies you hire to make sure you, the homeowner, are free of liability and are hiring workers who will provide you with safe and code compliant practices. Sometimes a little extra effort in research and funding can help provide you with the best scenario for success. When dealing with electricity, water and mechanical and chemical components, hiring the best is necessary.

Hiring Casteel is the Answer to Amazing Care

At Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical we aim to take Amazing Care of each and every customer. This starts with our company being licensed, bonded and insured. We hire the finest licensed tradesmen in the industry and are not ashamed to say that we provide them with the tools necessary to provide unsurpassed service and succeed. We give our customers the peace of mind, knowing that they have hired the BEST. As a company, we welcome your interview process when hiring us as your contractor. This gives us the platform to show you how much we really care. Contact Casteel today for your home needs at (770) 766-1657 or schedule online.