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Ragweed is Blooming- Hay Fever Season is Back!

Ragweed is Blooming- Hay Fever Season is Back!

Allergies in Fall? How to Help Prevent Hay Fever Caused by Fall Grasses and Ragweed

Who would have thought that the approaching fall season can prove to cause itchy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose? If you've never had hay fever, you wouldn't even know that fall grasses and blooming ragweed can cause typical spring time allergy symptoms. Your immune system is just over reacting to the allergens in the air.

While cooping yourself up indoors certainly seems to be a logical prevention method to enduring fall allergies, without appropriate in home air quality measures your indoor air can be just as polluted as the outdoor air. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has done extensive research on indoor air quality and the preventative measures that can be taken to assure the highest quality air in your home. It has been proven that indoor air can be even more caustic to an individual than polluted air outdoors.

Pollen and other particulates such as pet dander and dust can enter into your home and become somewhat trapped causing you to sneeze, itch, wheeze and have a runny nose. The EPA suggests that "the most effective way to improve indoor air is to eliminate individual sources."

Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical has a variety of air quality products that can help reduce and even eliminate the pollutants in your home. From air purification and filtration products to UV Lights, reduce your risk for fall allergies by contacting Casteel for your air quality needs. No more runny noses or itchy eyes. Breathe easy with Casteel by your side. Contact us today at (770) 766-1657 or schedule online.