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What Happens If You Don’t Make These Fall Plumbing Preparedness Steps

What Happens If You Don’t Make These Fall Plumbing Preparedness Steps

The chilly fall temperatures are just around the corner. The morning temperatures are starting to drop slightly with each day. Let these cooler times of day be a reminder to what the future holds.... Winter! Winter generally brings unexpected plumbing disasters that can prove to be costly and inconvenient. What better time of year than now to prepare yourself and your plumbing system for the frigid temps that await us. While Georgia temperatures may be milder than other parts of the country, homeowners should still use the same precautions for those unforeseen freezing temperatures. A little preparedness can save a lot of headache and what better time than the present to check some tasks off of your fall 'To Do' List.

  • Disconnect your garden hoses. Store them in a place that they will not freeze to help prevent the plastic and rubber from cracking. A cracked hose is worthless and purchasing a new one can be costly and unnecessary. A frozen hose can also cause your connected pipes to burst inside your home -Absolutely worth the effort. When you need your hose in spring and it is rendered useless, that is time and money wasted out of your day to purchase a new one.
  • Now is the time to find your main water valve and make sure every capable household member is aware of its location. If catastrophe strikes during the cool months, searching for your main shut off can waste precious time and gallons of water to spill out in the event of a burst pipe. -YES! This is a must. If your children or spouse are at home when a plumbing tragedy strikes, think of the gallons of water that can empty into your walls or onto your floor while they are searching for the right valve! What a nightmare!
  • Drain your sprinkler system. It might not have happened to you yet, but when a sprinkler pipe bursts in the ground you may not notice it until you get a costly water bill! Come fall time when you have no need to water your grass, drain and blow out your sprinkler system to help prevent in ground burst pipes. –This is a good DIY project that can save you on a massive water bill come summer watering months. This happens more often than you think!
  • Flush out your water heater to remove sediment that can cause corrosion. The water heater pressure valve and temperature gauge should also be checked. Your water heater works harder during the cooler months so maintenance is key to extending the life of your unit! -Contact your licensed Casteel plumbers to maintain your water heater. Pressure valves can corrode, crack and leak. Our plumbers can diagnose any problems and offer solutions. It's JUST $39 BUCKS for your trip charge and diagnostic!
  • In the case of exposed pipes in unheated basements, crawl spaces and garages, it is recommended that you insulate any exposed plumbing, especially those that are near exterior walls. –The cost is minimal in comparison to the damage that can be caused by a burst pipe.
  • Make sure your outside faucets aren't dripping or leaking. When cold weather arrives, even the smallest crack can cause a plumbing catastrophe if it isn't fixed.­- Contact one of our licensed plumbing professionals at Casteel to fix a leaky outside faucet, (or any faucet for that matter). It's JUST $39 BUCKS for your trip charge and diagnostic!
  • Have your septic pumped and your sewer lines snaked to prevent roots from growing. -This task requires the help of professionals. Contact Casteel to have your sewer lines checked. Preventative maintenance is key to preventing the big problems from happening! Remember, It's JUST $39 BUCKS for your trip charge and diagnostic.

Just a few preparations can prevent a ton of headache once the cold temperatures arrive. Fall is the prime time to have your yearly maintenance performed on your plumbing system! Water has a way of seeping into all the nooks and crannies so help avoid damage to your home and schedule a visit with one of our licensed plumbers today! Call Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical at 770-565-5884 or schedule online!

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