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Why is my Water Discolored?

Why is my Water Discolored?

We are used to seeing nice clean water coming out of our faucets or filling up our toilets. When you turn on the water and you see the opposite, a dirty or cloudy brown stream, our first instincts are generally one of panic and disgust.

Don't panic just yet. Discolored water can happen for a number of reasons. Some of which have nothing to do with the plumbing in your home and others that require repair. The one thing that is certain is that we use water in our homes constantly. We wash dishes, drink, bathe, wash our clothes, make ice, brush our teeth and even put water into our food. It is important that you contact a certified and experienced plumber to investigate the culprit of your discolored water.

When you do notice a brown, yellow or orange tint to your water, let the faucet run for about 10 minutes and see if the discoloration stops and your water runs clear again. Often times, your plumbing pipes may be rusting and some of the rust has dislodged or discolored your water. This also may occur when the city changes the pressure in their water system or is repairing and performing maintenance the main lines. Do you find that the brownish color only occurs when you are using your hot water? This may be due to your water heater rusting. You may find that you have excess iron in your water which may also create a brownish tinge. Any of these scenarios can warrant a phone call to your plumber where they can investigate the cause and if necessary provide you with a solution. It may be as simple as water heater repair or the need for water filtration to be added to your bathroom or kitchen fixtures in your home.

If there is a change in your water pressure or you find sediment along with your discolored water, this can signify a larger problem such as a burst pipe. Only a licensed plumber can properly diagnose and rectify these types of situations guaranteeing that your repair is up to current building codes.

At Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical, our licensed plumbers know just what to do in the event you turn on your tap and your water is discolored. Our technicians are fast, friendly, and reliable and additionally certified in water heater repair and installation. At Casteel, it's just $39 Bucks for your diagnostic and trip charge and we guarantee that we'll take Amazing Care of you. Contact us today at (770) 766-1657 or schedule your appointment online.