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How to Save Money on Your Heating Bills This Winter

How to Save Money on Your Heating Bills This Winter

During the winter months, making your home feel like a tropical paradise would be ideal. However, as soon as you opened your utility bill it is guaranteed that you would be rushing to your thermostat to lower the temperature. What are the best ways to stay cozy and warm during the chilly months and save money on your heating bills?

  • You have windows… Use them! As the sunlight streams through your windows, it heats your home. Keep the blinds open to let the sunlight in and the temperature in the rooms with the most sunlight will increase for FREE. Speaking of windows… you can buy inexpensive shrink wrap insulation kits that will help keep you warm. With windows accounting for a large percentage of heat loss, it is best to start there.
  • Take note of drafts in your home and prevent them. Adjust your doors, correct worn or broken weather stripping, insulate your attic, and use foam insulation and fill any holes around your foundation or exterior walls. Cool air coming in lowers your home’s temperature and gives you the chills.
  • Go back to the basics. Put on some wool socks and start a fire. The fact is that the outside temperature is colder and to keep the inside a balmy 80 degrees will take a lot of energy usage. Cozy up with some thick socks, layer your shirts, and add some warmth by starting a fire in your fireplace. Your wallet will thank you for packing on the layers.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat. When you customize your thermostat to run on your schedule, you save money. Thermostats such as the Nest, connect to your phone and sense when you are home or away. As you leave your home, the thermostat lowers the temperature and starts saving you money. You can even tell your thermostat via a phone app. that you are on your way back home and the temperature will increase back to your custom settings. A programmable thermostat is the easiest and most customizable way to save money with minimal effort.
  • Get your HVAC system tuned up regularly. Proper and regular maintenance assures that your system is running at it’s peak. Change your air filters regularly to prevent reducing the air flow through your system. This will cause your system to work harder and increase your utility costs.

It doesn’t take much to get your utility costs soaring through the roof. With a few easy tips you can save money on your heating bills and stay cozy warm.