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Why You Need a Whole Home Humidifier

Why You Need a Whole Home Humidifier

Cracked hands and feet, chapped lips, and flaky skin are all signs that winter is here and the heating systems are running. Add on dry morning eyes, an irritating cough and a raspy throat and heating weather is surely in full swing. Whatever your preferred heating method, hot and dry air is not healthy and contributes to dehydration. Do you really need to invest in a whole home humidifier?

Stay Healthy:

From a personal health perspective, a whole home humidifier can increase your comfort level and help prevent various illnesses such as respiratory infections. Dry air can dry out the various membranes in your mouth, nose and eyes. This can increase the risk for respiratory discomfort. You’ve heard the term “winter cold” before but the colds themselves are not caused by the cold temps and more likely from the dry air and increased risk of bronchial infections. By adding a whole home humidifier and maintaining the moisture in the air, you will prevent the common signs of dry winter ailments and help increase your immune response to winter infections. Adequate moisture in the air also helps increase your air quality and reduce pollutant and air born irritants.

Stay Warm and Comfortable:

The humidity in your home absolutely does affect your comfort level. Summer time brings hot temps and high humidity. The humidity level directly affects how you perceive the temperature and often times the temperature feels warmer due to the level of water in the air. When your home is dry and the humidity is low, the air tries to reach it’s saturation point by pulling water from you, your pets, houseplants and even your furniture and flooring. When your humidity level is controlled, your comfort level increases and your home will feel warmer.

Save Money:

We just mentioned that when the humidity level in the air is higher, the temperature feels higher. This means you can comfortably maintain a lower temperature and lower your utility costs. Controlling the relative humidity in your home is a great addition to the number of other ways you can lower your costs while keeping comfortable.

Prevent Damage to Your Home:

Dry air in your home will pull moisture from wherever it can. Hard wood floors will shrink in size and crack. Wooden door and window frames can shrink and create drafts. How about the static shock? Rub your feet across the carpet and if your air is dry you will most definitely shock yourself when you reach for a doorknob or light switch. By maintaining a relative humidity of 30% or higher, you greatly reduce the static shocks.

Whole home humidifiers are a great addition to your home during the winter heating months. The benefits can greatly improve your comfort level, health and help prevent damage to your home. Consider contacting Casteel, your Atlanta HVAC experts, to install a humidifier before the heating season is over. The before and after will surprise you!