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Why I Needed a Camera Doorbell and Didn't Know It

Why I Needed a Camera Doorbell and Didn't Know It

I am the proud owner of a house full of highly advanced thermostats, smoke detectors, and a fancy doorbell. My husband pushed for us to move into the 20th century and out of the stone ages and I was reluctant to concede. Through research, he chose the nest line of products which are rated as some of the top selling technologically advanced home comfort/convenience accessories. Plus, they are the easiest to use and offer learning capabilities that are better than the rest! I, being a skeptic was doubtful.

The technician arrived with pretty boxes in hand, ready to install the useless pieces of metal, as far as I was concerned. The Skybell is a product that works with Nest. It is a doorbell that is a camera, a recording device AND an intercom. The doorbell was installed relatively quickly and all I had to do was install an app on my phone while the technician worked on the wires and set up. I then went through a 1 minute menu on the app with my technician, and I was ready to play with the new device. If you haven't heard or used the Skybell, I can highly recommend its options and absolutely condone having some fun with the camera and intercom features.

On the first day, not only was I recording and being alerted to any movement on my front doorstep, but I also was able to have a little fun with my 4 year old when she let out the dog via the built in intercom. While my app dinged to tell me there was movement on the porch, I pulled up the Live Feed and quickly had my 4 year old believing that the Skybell was her new fairy house occupied by the resident fairy. Magically there were voices coming out of the doorbell. What is so neat is that the speaker feature works both ways and you can talk via the app on your phone!

These useful applications not only allow you to see and speak to the person at your front door, but it also alerts you and records any movement saving it on your app by using wifi. This absolutely gave me the security I need and I can spy on my older children if they are breaking their curfew. I was slowly becoming a techie with the ring of a bell.

While I never thought I actually needed the Skybell, or any of the other high tech Nest products, I am a huge advocate of them now and am not sure why I fought my husband from buying them for so long. The safety and security of being connected to my front door, yard, driveway and even the street provides me peace of mind. The camera offers a great and clear view day or night. The benefits are tri-fold: alerts of movement sent immediately to my phone, live viewing and intercom capabilities and data storage via the app. How can you go wrong? You can't. Plus, installation was quick and seamless by the electrician and I didn't have to worry about crossing wires and potentially ruining what will be the favorite thing in my home. There is no doubt that once you have your Skybell, you will wonder what you ever did without it. Contact Casteel, a Nest Pro Elite Contractor, today to have your Skybell installed.