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Why Is My Summer Electric Bill SO High and How Do I Lower It?

Why Is My Summer Electric Bill SO High and How Do I Lower It?

The temps start to rise and you already know that your monthly utility bills are going to put a major dent in your wallet. You don't feel like you're doing anything different to warrant the spike in costs. A call to your utility company doesn't seem to provide you with any additional information. Why are your bills so drastically high and how do you ease the pain of rising utilities during peak seasons? Don't feel like HUGE summer utility bills are the norm and you just have to pay them. Learn how to spot the energy sucking No No's and make small changes to save you some cash!

What are the Main Causes of Higher Summer Utility Bills:

  • Lowering your AC drastically during the hot weather can cause your AC to run continuously, costing you more money.
  • Not having a programmable thermostat with a program set to mimic your daily routine is a big No No. If you're gone all day, make sure to adjust your temperature a little higher to save on costs.
  • Summer break can mean a full house all day long vs. an empty house during the school year. Think about the increase in utilities that happens with the extra electricity usage: video games, showers, hair dryers, AC, laundry, dishes, open/shut doors letting in extra heat etc.. While these reasons may seem to have minimal impact, the energy used adds up over 30 days and will be noticeable on your bill.
  • Do you have a dirty HVAC system? Not changing your air filters and having preventative maintenance performed will decrease the efficiency of your unit.
  • Does your bill reflect a month with extra days?

How to Lower your Usage and Utility Costs:

  • Turn up your thermostat! If you like your home at a comfortable 72, turn it up to 74 to offset the extra usage you will have during the warm summer months. While it may take a few days to become accustomed to the small change, a quick trip outside will have you running back inside to the nice cool air! You won't even notice the increase in inside temperature!
  • Schedule your preventative maintenance now. While it may seem like you have missed the boat on this task, it's never too late to have your HVAC system checked and cleaned. You will only benefit from this. Schedule now and go ahead and schedule yourself for the fall cleaning too!
  • Do you have a programmable thermostat installed? If not, call now and get one! The cost and installation will immediately be worth it once you set a program and see the decreased energy costs.
  • Use your ceiling fans to give you the feeling of coolness. They are great tools to circulate the air and provide you with a little breeze, making you feel much cooler.
  • Read your bill. Are you being charged on estimated usage or actual. Do you know what the peak usage times are and can you adjust your schedule to take advantage of off peak charges? Every little bit helps.
  • Do you have old and aging equipment? While you may feel the upfront costs are steep, the savings could be upwards of 30-40% on your monthly bills! Your new unit will pay for itself and keep you ice cold while using less energy!
  • Don't forget your plumbing! Your aging hot water heater isn't helping your utility costs either. If your unit is more than 8 years old, start thinking about replacing.

Contact Casteel today and we will help you with your rising energy costs. Whether it be with a simple preventative maintenance visit, a new high efficiency HVAC system installation, or a hot water heater replacement, we know how to save you money. HVAC systems are now starting as low as $69 a month! Contact Casteel at 770-854-1078 and schedule your appointment today with an Atlanta HVAC expert. Save some green by going Green!