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The Not So Skilled Tradesman-Do You Know Who You are Hiring?

The Not So Skilled Tradesman-Do You Know Who You are Hiring?

Finding a qualified Electrician, Plumber or HVAC technician is going to be a harder task for homeowners. Are you looking to upgrade your electrical panel or have a leaky faucet that needs repair? Maybe your HVAC is not working up to par. Skilled workers are retiring out of the work force and the numbers of new recruits are dwindling and unable to replace them. The average age of a tradesman is 56. The current supply of plumbing, HVAC and electrical applicants are already minimal. What are companies doing to accommodate the lack of desirable workforce and what kind of service will you get when you call a company?

The work force is aging. According to the American Public Power Association, "the plumbing and electrical industries are approaching major staffing crisis triggered by Baby Boomer retirements and the shrinking pool of younger workers who can replace them." Companies are scrambling to keep "business as usual" even though staffing is at an all time low and experienced talent is hard to find.

Numbers of companies are now settling for keeping only a few skilled workers and taking in employees that are not familiar with the industry as "helpers" or "laborers." After a short, 1-2 week introductory period, these workers are then sent out into the workforce to repair and replace your plumbing, HVAC and electrical concerns. These candidates are going from bagging groceries, selling mattresses, or a variety of other non related careers, to becoming electricians and plumbers in a matter of days! You can only imagine the hazards that this can pose when dealing with the 3 major home systems! There are even educational programs claiming to train future plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians to be ready for the work force in 9 days!

At Casteel, making sure that our team is experienced, licensed, and trained is of the utmost importance. While there may be a shortage, we focus on recruiting and retaining the best employees in the industry. Many companies may emphasize quantity of work, we focus on quality and customer service. With over 10,000 5 star reviews, taking care of our customers starts with having an elite team of properly trained technicians, ready to take care of your home needs the right way, every time. Contact Casteel today to have the peace of mind that you work is completed by industry experts not industry newbies. Call (770) 766-1657 or schedule online. Remember it's JUST $39 BUCKS for your electrical and plumbing trip charge and diagnosis.