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13 Reasons You Don't Want to be a DIY Plumber

13 Reasons You Don't Want to be a DIY Plumber

Plumbing disasters happen when you least expect them and can cause major damage in your home. Water heater leaks, toilets overflowing, leaky faucets, drips and slow drains and then there are these disasters. There are always those who want to save a penny and “do it yourself” to get the plumbing problem handled. Take it from the experts….Sometimes it is just best to call in the professional plumbers to save you a ton of trouble. Here’s why…

Numerous Connected Pipes

In the Event of Leak, Follow the Path to the Shut Off Valve

Gives a Whole New Meaning to Recycling

Main Line is Busted? How Can You Tell?

You can Fix Anything With Duct Tape!

Bursting Sink

It’s Just a Little Leak

Unless Someone Offer to Help You – Never Take their Advice to DIY or You May be Up a Creek with a Broom Paddle.

This Looks Like Something I Can Fix with a Plunger.

I’ve Got a Heavy Duty Shop Vac to Take Care of this Mess– said the DIY homeowner.

Oh, I Get it now! Measure Twice, Drill Once. Oops!

I Can’t Figure Out Why the Water Pressure is So Low.

The DIY Water Heater Insulation Kit. Just in Case your Water isn’t Heating Up As You Would Like.

It’s Barely Leaking. No Need to Call a Plumber.

Wish I had Gotten that Whole Home Plumbing Inspection.

Watch as a woman gets rescued from getting her hand stuck in the toilet.

Do you need any more reasons to make sure you handle those plumbing issues? Contact the expert Atlanta plumbers at Casteel today and get your leaks, clogs and potential disasters rectified. If you’re not sure if you have any potential plumbing catastrophes waiting to happen, have a whole home plumbing inspection just to ease your mind. Schedule your inspection today by Contacting Casteel.