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The DO NOTS of Bathroom Remodels

The DO NOTS of Bathroom Remodels

As new homes are built in metro Atlanta, much emphasis is put on the master suite to include a wonderfully planned bathroom and walk in closet space. For those looking to remodel their existing master baths, knowing where to begin is important. The master bathroom can be a comfortable and beautiful sanctuary if planned out correctly and will add value to your home. Knowing which bathroom upgrades will provide you the most use and best return is important. When creating a master bath makeover, make sure to follow these Bathroom Don’ts to save you money and hassle.

DO Spend the time & money to properly plan and remodel the space. DON’T settle for poor planning

If you have wasted wall space, a toilet that is not enclosed, a small shower, or no counter space and plenty of room to expand; take the time to design and plan your master bath floor plan to include these features. Gone are the days of the toilet sitting in between the sink and bathtub. Plenty of counter room is important. Separating the toilet from the bathroom space allows for privacy. Expanding your shower can increase your comfort and give you the spa like feel. Make sure you allow for current bathroom floor plan trends – even if that means getting creative. If you are struggling with space, make sure to add as many of the new trends possible.

DO Create a Budget. DON’T wing a remodel without pricing out costs

When was the last time you shopped for a new toilet, tile, plumbing fixtures, or counters? Take a trip to your local hardware store and price out the types of items you’ll need. Plumbing fixtures can run from $100 – $500+. Depending on the toilet, you can spend hundreds. Light Fixtures, tile and bathroom sinks and counter vanities can be costly as well. Are you doing a full overhaul that includes actual vanities, new plumbing, moving of walls etc… Make sure you make an itemized list of your wants before hiring a contractor or starting the project yourself. You’ll be surprised at how little things can add up.

Speaking of Contractors… If you are not a Plumber, DON’T make attempts to rework your plumbing

Yes, you can find most anything on the internet however there is a reason why plumbers have years of schooling and an apprenticeship prior to hitting the field. Depending on your skill level, you may be able to tackle some projects on your own. However, most projects are well suited for a licensed contractor who is familiar with local codes and restrictions. The damage that water can do to your pocket book, in the event of a leak, can be just as costly as a remodel. At the least, hire a plumber for a whole home plumbing inspection, after you complete your own work, to verify it is per code and will not create plumbing disasters in the future. While on the topic, make sure to interview your plumber. Do they really stand behind their work? What kind of reviews do they have from previous customers? Are they a well known long standing company? Who and what type of plumber can you expect to be in your home? Are they background checked, licensed and properly trained? These things matter.

Getting Back to Bathroom Design – DO spend extra on shower space, and fixtures. DON’T stick with the 3×3 square shower space that you can barely move around in

Most people can count on their two hands the number of times that they have used the tub in 1 year. The trend is moving to luxurious tile showers with full body sprayers, rain shower fixtures, seats and drying areas with warming lamps. Now you may not have the space to accommodate all of these upgrades, but if your tub is only used as a dust collector, consider eliminating it and creating a shower fit for a King. Keep in mind, it is not recommended to have a home without any tubs at all. Don’t remove the master bathtub unless you have a secondary one elsewhere in the home. Remember, sometimes you get what you paid for. This often is the case with shower fixtures. You can buy most anything online and often times cheaper plastic knock offs can be found of the fixture design that you like. These fixtures may scrimp on durability, water pressure and longevity of use by using materials that are more fragile than metal. While the design may be the same, you may find yourself looking for a replacement sooner than you think.

DON’T Remodel the Bathroom and scrimp on the counter surface

You have a beautiful design fit for any luxury spa. The tile is impeccable, your light fixtures and plumbing fixtures are current and on point with design. Don’t forget to budget for the vanity counters and sinks. There is nothing worse than seeing an elegant and high end bathroom design with a cheap low end counter. Generally the vanity counter and sinks are one of the last things to go in prior to plumbing fixtures. Often times, the budget has been stretched due to unforeseen issues and costs. If you’ve capped out on your budget, it is much more beneficial to you to hold your project for a few weeks or months, than to install the lowest end counter into your newly remodeled bathroom. It happens all of the time! Budget for the granite or quartz counter tops you’ve been pining over. They’ll look perfect with your new fixtures. Reasonably priced counters are of course acceptable, but if you have a high end remodel design, make sure to do your best to follow suit with all of the upgrades.

While on the topic of vanities…DO Consider transitioning to a double vanity or “His and Hers” vanities if you have the room. DON’T keep the single sink with 2 feet of total counter space if you don’t have to

If you have a small single vanity sink and have not gotten into an elbow war while brushing your teeth next to your spouse or children, then you are very lucky! “His and Her’s” is a trend that allows for personal space. Whether it be closets or bathroom vanities, try to see if you can make space for the extra vanity. Once you enjoy the comfort of having your own elbow room, you will never go back to a smaller, cramped single space again! This too is a feature that will add appeal to your home come sale time.

DON’T forget to think about efficiency

Your newly designed bathroom provides you the opportunity to both save and increase your water usage. You may want to upgrade your shower to have dual shower heads or body sprayers. These, when all in use simultaneously, can dramatically increase your water usage and cause you to run out of hot water pretty quickly. Consider upgrading your water heater to a large and more efficient model or even a tankless version that may provide you more time under the sprays. On the other hand, you can save money with Water Sense fixtures and low flow toilets that will flush your unmentionables using far less water than older models. Talk with your plumber about efficiency options and how your upgrades will impact your water usage.

DON’T forget about small upgrades that can change the looks of any bathroom

Even if a whole bathroom overhaul is not in the budget, a little fresh paint, new pictures, mirrors and rugs can make all the difference. Take it one step further and change out old outdated plumbing fixtures and you have a whole new look. Consider repainting your cabinets if they are an eye sore. There are numbers of small finishing touches that can freshen up the likes of any bathroom without the time and money spend on a full remodel.

As you venture down the path of creating a sanctuary and new space in your master bathroom, make sure to take note of all the fine details. A little pre-planning on the forefront can help you have years of enjoyment and increase your home value. Contact Casteel today to have an experienced plumber in Atlanta provide you with an estimate of your bathroom remodel. Schedule Today!