The Casteel Amazing Care

10 Years of Amazing Care to Our Customers

10 Years of Amazing Care to Our Customers

Look who’s turning 10… 10 years of service that is.

At Casteel, we appreciate our employees and value the commitment that so many of them show to the company and customers. This July 2, we are celebrating a special anniversary.

Eric joined Casteel 10 years ago when the Casteel office was still located off of Delk Rd in a 6,000 square foot building. He came on board with Casteel as a salesman. Having owned his own company in the past, Eric is familiar with what it takes to provide each customer with Amazing Care. With extensive commercial and residential knowledge, Eric was a great fit for Casteel and has continued to excel throughout the years.

Eric is known for his detail. From the mundane tasks of filling out paperwork to the requirements needed to perfectly design a system, Eric’s attention to detail is a testament to his expertise in the field.

Eric is married with 3 children and enjoys spending his time with family. He is an avid hunter and fisherman.

Congratulations to Eric for 10 years of friendship and service to Casteel! We look forward to the great things to come from Eric! If you are lucky to have him as your System Design Manager – give him a big Congratulations for his dedication to Casteel and to his customers!