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Meet Silvia - Our Retail Sales Supervisor

Meet Silvia - Our Retail Sales Supervisor

Casteel is only as good as its team. We'd like to feature our team members so you have the chance to meet the people that help us provide you Amazing Care!

Meet Silvia - Our Retail Sales Supervisor

One of the first people you will meet after stepping into the Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical office is Silvia. Silvia's outgoing personality is hard to miss once you step into the office! Silvia has been with the company for 3 years working as our Retail Sales Supervisor. When she came to Casteel, Silvia brought an extensive knowledge of Home Services and customer service having worked for Mister Sparky and other home service companies in the past.

Silvia hails from Nicaragua and speaks fluent Spanish. Silvia moved to the US when she was 3 years old. Her dad fought in the Nicaraguan Revolution, and her father fought on the Somoza side. When the rebels won the war, Silvia and her family had to escape persecution. They were extended immigration to the US through a war visa.

She currently lives close to the office with her 3-year-old daughter, Valentina. Valley, as Silvia likes to call her daughter, is the center of Silvia's life. When Silvia isn't working, she is spending as much time with her daughter as possible which includes playing outside, painting, and watching Disney Movies. Valley has just as much personality as Silvia. She told her mom to "hush your voice" once which left Silvia floored as that would be something she would say.

Silvia has a slight obsession with makeup and skincare products. Okay, not a slight obsession, a huge obsession. She enjoys trying on different kinds of lipsticks to find the perfect color and formula. Any girl knows what it's like to find a lipstick soul mate - and Silvia's soulmate right now is Colour Pop's "More Better".

If time travel was a thing, Silvia would like to travel back to the 1600s. In high school, Silvia thought about majoring in History in college. Then she quickly realized that she couldn't do much with that major and changed her mind.

If you've ever had any of Silvia's dishes she brings into Casteel's Monthly Potlucks, you know she can cook! It may surprise her co-workers - or maybe not - that Silvia went to Chattahoochee Tech for a year of culinary arts. Now if you are ever lucky enough to have Silvia's lasagna, her signature dish, you better savor every single bite!

Silvia loves working for Casteel because she is empowered to do what she is thinks is right to service and satisfy the customers' needs, and Casteel's managers trust her to do the right thing. It also helps that she enjoys who she works with as well. Casteel has a fun group of employees who do everything they can to provide Amazing Care to the customer.